Keeping An Eye On Colour Black : Eye Care

I try to learn happenings within my body, from …the body.

The body talks to us every day and we all need to get groomed in Body Language.

I try to keep aside a few minutes a day, to monitor Cell Activity, as it relates to health or …the road to illness or the road to recovery from illness.

Many parts of the body, help me to monitor.
Muscle Maps help me.
Skin (Dermatomes) maps help me.
The Joints help me.
The Tongue helps me.
The Nails help me
The Hair helps me.
And the Pressure Points help me.
In short, other things help me.

I think it’s time we began to be a part of our health, in these days of widespread infection from the parasite in town.

The eyes help me monitor things a lot. Someday, I shall share some things we need to know, about the Sclera of the Eyes, but today, I want to take our thoughts to the Pupil.

I keep an eye on my Eyes.
And I encourage everyone to do same.
I especially keep an eye on the black part of the Eye.

Anyday the pupils of my eyes begin to lose out on their colour Black, I begin to act fast.
The parasite in town, creates such loss on the pupil of the Eye.
But that’s not all you need to get aware of.

That type of loss depicts the havoc caused by “someone” trying to tamper with your Tyrosine.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Customer Opinion Survey

If the black pigment in your Eyes suddenly becomes faded on anyday, don’t rest on your oars.
It will get back to affecting things the kidneys ought to be doing for your body.

Ancient Chinese Physicians aptly relate the Pupils to the Kidneys, as they relate other things about the Eyes, to other Organs in the Body.

Get close to your antibodies, to help you kick the enemy (parasite in town!) out.

You can!

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil draws attention on the need to spend a few minutes a day, to monitor cell activity (in various Organs), from the Eyes.

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