Let’s go there

I don’t see the children giggling, catching rain drops, smashing themselves with bundles of laughter.

I don’t see the parents watching, amused, delighted with their prodigies.

I don’t see grand parents, seeing little, hearing little but savoring the moment all the same.

I see a pregnant cloud held hostage by the sky and a rainbow searching for where to hide with all its colours splashed like a strange mix of lipsticks.

But hope is on the other side, beyond the hill,
where it dwells among the lilies of the valley.

There, I see stars dancing and the moon swaying gently like the majestic baobab tree.

There is where the fireflies sit around a barbecue to have a drink and share tales of good times.

There is where I am heading to take a front seat. But I hear foot steps behind me.

Is that you? If it is, let’s sing this song to take us there

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