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Let’s Stop Engineering Carelessness, Fa!


Lon-g ago, a clear cut careless move, on the Electrical Works done by whichever the Firm was that got the job to wire an Estate, nearly killed me.

Dad had told us that we were going to move to the “Tear rubber” House in the new Staff Quarters.

In preparation, he went with Mom and I, to go and scrub the House.
One Auntie, escorted us sha.

I guess I’m a cat with many lives.
And a Forerunner.
That day was yet another day, to affirm that.

Just a short while after we swept, I was asked to get some water in a Container, so that we could commence scrubbing.

Enter “moi”, into a Kitchen that was a feature in my being a cat with many lives.

I sauntered towards the sink to get Water, and while fetching, I received the first “kpam! “.

It couldn’t be true.
I shifted the gélé of my thoughts forward and waited on, for the Container to fill up.

As I pulled the Bowl out of the Sink, so I could turn the Water into the Bucket, I received another “kpam! “.

This one was very clear, compared to the first one I received.
The truth is that I couldn’t figure out how such was possible, so I patiently filled the Bowl again.

I headed straight to the Sitting Room after a mild “kpam! “, that came the third time, and informed them that I was shocked, while fetching Water.

“Shocked while fetching water in the Kitchen? ” everyone reeled with laughter.
It seemed so ” wan kain in the ears”.
Everyone, except me.

I knew what I was saying, having had three experiences.
But it sounded too unbelievable in the ears.

Dad discarded my claim and asked me to go and get more Water.

As I turned the Knob to get more Water, the devil in the Tap, seemed to be saying
“Yu nö dey fear? ” as it dished out a very solid “kpam! ” at me again.

If you see as I jumped eh-n, at the thought of Water that I’m fetching, trying to electrocute me, you will bow.

I went straight back and insisted that the Tap was shocking me.

Dad laughed and laughed har-d and asked Mom if I ate Breakfast before we left.

Anyway, we moved in.
It was a pretty harrowing experience for me, having to do anything in the Kitchen.
Soon, my Dad infected everyone else with laughing at my claims.
If I mentioned being shocked, my Brothers would laugh.

It wasn’t funny.
I had built my own precautions.
I always had to climb upon a very thick piece of Wood, to fetch Water there.
And I often tried my best to ensure that my Body didn’t come too close to the Sink, as I fetched, having experienced a day a faint dampness in the Shirt I wore, almost encouraged the devil behind the Sink, to gobble me up forever.

Well, one day, joy and the opportunity to glee at one of my brothers, came.
That devil sighted him too!

Then he told my Parents that there was something really causing a shock, at the Kitchen Sink.
Dad dismissed what he said.
He repeated his experiences again on a few other occasions, but Dad insisted it wasn’t possible for a Kitchen Sink to be shocking anyone.

Then, more joy came as I gained another person, on my side.
Another of my Brothers had a hot one.

To think it was his first time!

As he matched with the reality, to inform Dad, Dad got pretty angry and insisted he didn’t want to hear such crap in the house again.

By nature, Dad didn’t want us to think that there are “winches”, and inshort, anything “wan kain “.
And he considered this to be one of those “wan kain” things.

He warned everyone that he didn’t want to hear anything like that again.

Then…, much more joy came my way one day, when the shocking devil aimed at my Mom.

Sébi they didn’t believe me the first day?
Sébi she and her husband laughed har-d at me…?

Mumsie went to tell Dad, that the Kitchen Sink shocked her too!
He was taken aback!
So o, his Daughter had cooked up stuff for his Wife too?

Prior to my other Bruv’s experience, I’d gotten a very hot one, one day in the Bath.
I told my Mom but she wondered.

Well, Children come with differences.
She was going to be more helpful anyway, knowing that Someone had to hear me on this.
The issue of me getting scared to have my bath, was not funny.
Immediately, she said I should be using their Bathroom, since two Bathrooms were shocking me.
That became a refuge, though Dad didn’t know I was now using their Bathroom, for something he didn’t like to hear mentioned in the House.

I’d wait for him to go to work, then I’d go and use their Bathroom.
It was a long holiday for me.

One certain day, the demon in his bathroom started the threat too, but mildly.

Anyway, the moment Mumsie got her personal experience, it was clear that the only person remaining, was Dad.
He still didn’t believe.

We managed the days on, applying everything we knew in Science, to either ward off a possible shock, or to reduce it.
Suddenly, Shoes with pretty thick plastic bottoms, were useful.

You should blame my Dad, hearing this.
Bu …t everyone has some kind of weakness as a person.
If he didn’t experience it, he would find it hard to believe.
He felt he wasn’t a gullible person, to just believe some things.

At the expense of a life?

Anyway, on a certain day, _Dad scampered out of his bathroom fast!_

Don’t bother to ask me what happened.

It was Mom, who’d joined us in the fight, that came to break the news.

” *Breaking News …!*” it came.

We laughed har-d.
He who laughs last…

Anyway, kia, kia Dad set aside stuff about being late to the Office, and headed for the Services, to get the attention of the Electrical Department.

They came.
They searched.
Then they said that there was nothing possibly wrong.

Well, Dad, who had “collected” a very hot one for a start, having now heard from others, insisted that there was something grossly wrong, somewhere.

He recounted my very first complaints and how others eventually got their experiences, too.
Dad was now reformed.
Well, they searched again and again and couldn’t come up with “why”, so, solution was not near.

Dad was not anyone you would do away with what he said. So, the team had to carry out searches in the other Flats in the same Block.

There was nothing.
Or …so it seemed.
Dad didn’t believe there was nothing.
And he insisted that no one in his Family should be endangered, so they should profer a solution.

A few days later, Brilliance visited the Team and guess what?
They found the root of the problem.

Somewhere in the Building, a Plumbing Pipe supplying different feeds in the House was touching Electricity that was naked.

What crappy crap carelessness should one call such, kpä kpäa?

Let’s stop Engineering carelessness that can take a life, fa!

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