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Lookuu, Lookuu

A couple of weeks back, I got the opportunity to see pictures of Prince William, Future King of England, which he’d taken, just a few years ago.
And my eagle eyes noted a distinct difference.

You know what seemed to have arrested my attention?
A ver-y full head of Hair!
“Whaaaaat?” I imploded.
“You mean you really had all that p–lenti Hair on your head before?”

So, what on earth happened to your Hair, Princie?”

To be honest eh-n, I don’t like “Abo’lo” on Men’s head o!
I recall that a very nice Guy’s Abo’lo was what got me running fas-t and fa-r away, when he popped the question.

You know all those
“Bring your Friend home, let’s meet her” talk?
Well, I didn’t really give out my heart in the first case joor.

But that Bros was quite a nice Man and had all of the maturity I often admire in Men.
I was in my Tweenie days and felt all those funny imaginations that were going on in their heads, the moment I sensed that they began to imagine things, were their own o.

Dad first sensed something beyond his being a good Brother in the Fellowship that Bros and I both belonged to.

Some brethren, used to come in company, now and again, to visit.
Then at a time, the number of People visiting “started narrowing”, which helped me understand a few things better.

Bros kept visiting, steadily.
Then I noticed that Bros booked the date and took time to attend my big Bros’ wedding, even when they seldom related, beyond greetings, anytime they met.

It still all looked like
“No wahala.”
He’s a good Friend and Brother.
He’s just felicitating with us.”

I often gisted and laughed and even did small ta-tä fô with him in those days.
But Dad, being a Man, knew that there was something about the visits, different from just being Members of a Youth Fellowship we both served as Exco Members.

As far as my small Brain was concerned, Dad was ver-y wrong to begin to call me to caution, about how I should comport my self before a Man (of course, a Suitor, in his perspective).
I’d just seen Bros off, and returned, on one of those days.

The setting looked to me like “A Movie that only appeared on the Screen” in his thoughts joor.

For heaven’s sake, I wasn’t dating!
Not even an inkling.
I had no single thought of Bros being “a Man”, in my emotions.
He was a good Friend and Brother.

I guess a number of my misunderstandings with Dad, stemmed from how he perceived things, presented things… or assumed them!
I couldn’t figure out where he assumed this new one, from.
I was damned too young and naive to even be imagining contemplating Marriage, meh-n!
And I often rebuffed emotional feelings, thinking rather that, my Brain had better things to do, than to be harbouring lovey dovey thoughts.

It was when I realized that Bros was getting too close to my Family, that I began to wear a slight frown.
I learnt that he occasionally went to visit my family, especially my mom, when I was away.

No wonder Dad picked up ideas.

Bros lived with his Elder Bruv’s Family, in the Doctors’ Quarters in the Military Hospital.
He was close to his Brother’s Wife.
Somehow, I got to meet his family, on a casual “join bodi visit” of about four of us.
We’d gone to visit Bros, in their Home.

Then, a little longer, it seemed the nice Girls (his Nieces) we met, had talks of their admirations about a gifting they saw in me, wrapped around my ears, by Bros, after I met them.
And so, that was the guise, to “bring her home” differently, from the “join bodi” visit.

Madam (Doctor’s Wife) was quite nice, and quite like “you must feel at home”.
But in the midst of it all I couldn’t figure out why a visit that’d make me interact with the Girls a lot more, was turning out to be a kind of
“Friendly interview”.

Madam was too smart, for my porous little head.
She delved (clearly on an agreed Family mission) with a lot of calculated char-m and wisdom, laced with a lot of smiles, into me.
She got herself well behind the façade I often wore, to ward people off me, the moment I noticed that they were getting too fast to unravel my person.

She got me singing like a canary, about things I liked, things I didn’t like, things I often thought would make the future cool, etc.
Funny enough, with all of Bros’ flow with me in the few years we’d known each other, he’d never been able to bring me into that realm of talking about me too much.
We were always talking about others, about Fellowship, etc. when we met.
The only times we spent time talking about me often were times I was ill and he’d visit to check on me or times I just needed to share with someone, how pretty annoyed with Dad, I was.

Two of them (members of the Exco) were Friends, and were my Confidants whenever I needed to share problems I had at home, with someone.
We had the same beliefs, different from Dad.
And I loved their company as people who were older and could shape me with balance and tell me to take things coolly, since I was still under care.
They were like some kind of big Brothers, so I NEVER saw any of them with the eyes of being men, that could take up an emotional role in my life.

And they understood me and tried to often give me impressions that I could overcome a whole lot of things, by claiming that I was strong as a Man within, though clothed in a Woman’s body.
To them, I was strong.
That’s like being a Man.

And so, Bros occupied himself on this special day I was invited, to prepare Home- made Suya by himself and a Juice, all for me.
The girls were at home, but he wanted to do it by himself.

He wanted to prepare them specially, but all of his ears were in our discussions unknown to me, until the moment he got out of the kitchen and asked a question, that gave the game away, while I conversed with his In-law.

It was when I began to feel unnecessarily fetted, that I got panicky within.
The manner of Madam’s questions, etc were evidently
“Not for me!”

They were relating what should be for a Relationship where there was a strong understanding on both sides, that they were planning marriage.
I was a bit angry with Bros, for creating an impression that was far from my heart.

Now, I could understand why Dad always tried to call me aside, after escorting him, on occasions he visited, to try to shape me into a Woman.

A Woman doesn’t…
A woman does…, “ he’d continue, with emphasis, trying to tell me to keep quiet and let Bros take the lead, in the conversations.
His outlook wasn’t fair.
Bros was gentle by nature and was the quiet type, but lightened up to my conversations.
If I towed Dad’s line, in this “ghost relationship” that existed only in his mind, (and evidently bros’ mind!) the visits would get pretty boring, because it often seemed I had the spice for the conversations, which he didn’t, in our interactions.

Anyway, it was Madam and all that Suya, prepared with a lot of love and care and of course, Doctor’s specially warm welcome, that suddenly jostled me from my sleeping mind, into a reality that everyone thought that something was happening between us, and that

igbę iyawoshould quickly start “arranging”


Me that I never liked the idea of “Abo’lo” at all?
Did they think I was going to settle for “Abo’lo” on anyone’s head?
Crazy, meh-n!

All of Bros’ goodness couldn’t erase what I was seeing on his head, at that time of my life.
It was a Family inheritance, as I’d met not only Doctor, but another of Bros’ big Brothers, in that visit.

I’m coming to Kate Middleton ver-y soon.

Later in life, I got into a selfie shock.
Guess what?
I fell hard for an Abo’lo.

Anytime I looked at the him I loved, something still stood as a barrier.
Abo’lo of course!
I certainly didn’t like the idea of having Abo’lo Children.
So, my hatred for the thought of Abo’lo on a ver-y special Person’s head, harmed me eventually.

I still don’t take to Abo’lo at all!
In fact, I now know that Abo’lo can be stalled joor!

Now, let’s talk about Kate Middleton.
And maybe Meghan.

After seeing pictures of Kate and William in previous years not long gone, I began to tuck myself into Kate’s position, imaginarily.

What exactly would I feel, if my Hussy, Prince William, suddenly started losing a rich head of Hair, and started to be “Abo’lo”, just like that?
That is, in a setting where a me, who doesn’t like Abo’lo, had been swept off my feet in the times he had a rich head of Hair.

It’s not funny o.

Anyway,  celebrity news gives us stuff about her imaginations, in a headline.

Meanwhile, it is clear that it is a thing in their blood.
The Queen’s Husband, has clear “shining Abo’lo” that looks like what those Secondary School Principals of our eldest Brother’s times, carried on their Heads, with a Khaki Knicker (and sometimes, a no nonsense cane) to accompany it.
Badass Gur-l here.

Not long ago, a Blog decided to
“Allow Air to blow Fä-o yansh”, in a “wan kain” way.

Guess what they blogged on, on that fateful day?
They said that Prince Harry was losing a lot more Hair, than can be imagined, in such a short while after marrying Meghan.
I couldn’t believe it.

Truly, if you look at Prince Harry from the front, you will never think that he has Abo’lo.

When he and Meghan visited their Dukedom, the Abo’lo came out so clearly in some pics.

“Oh no!” I felt.

That Blogger certainly blamed the lose of Hair on Meghan and …


Anyway, I think that there’s something wrong with the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels in the bodies of the Royals.

DHT is an Androgen, produced as a by- product of Testosterone.

One “wicked” Enzyme called Five alpha Reductase (5α-Reductase), is busy converting some percentages of William’s and Harry’s Testosterone levels, to DHT.

They (Bloggers) say that Meghan has “Banned” her Husband from taking Booze and Tea.

And that in honesty, the changes on him are visible and positive.
I think that Meghan should by now, be thinking of upping her game in doing something, on the Abo’lo matter, if she hasn’t yet started doing something about that.

I think that she should engage the GV 20 Acupressure point and a few others, to start blocking that “wicked” Enzyme, that is beginning to give her “special Harry” Abo’lo, on his head.

If I were Kate Middleton eh-n, I’d “join bodi” with Meghan on the natural “way forward”, to stopping the Hair from receding kia kia, so that my Husband will begin to grow back some Hair, smol smol, over time.

That way, when we see the future King, we will be able to look up grea-t things about him, and not get to be doing “Lookuu lookuu” at one “mobile Television”, when we ought to be paying cool attention to his good sides.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, in a “yabbies” mood.

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