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Massage: Different Strokes

I had barely spent ten minutes on her feet, when the Madam took a deep dive into a regenerating sleep.
I had picked out the Solar Plexus area on her right foot.

And it put her to sleep, pretty fast.
Listening to her deep snore, I was like …
“Whaa …t?
You went away from what I’m doing, too quickly.”

I particularly liked to render a healing effect massage, above a relaxation massage, so I occasionally would want to hear my Clients mention stuff to me, about any reaction they felt anywhere in the body, while I selectively worked on “oil blocks” in their bodies.

She’d “left” me all to myself, too quickly.

I was still prepared to give her the best attention anyway, but I was not going to be able to assist to resolve some issues that a reaction she may have had and mentioned while I worked, would bring.


Close to thirty minutes into giving her body feathery-touch Glides, I had to tap her gently, to ask her to turn over.

I wanted to work on “major Oil blocks” (the Shu Streams) and there was no working without disturbing her sleep.

Then she caught herself (she was a big Woman in the society), perhaps wondering what I felt about her snoring so hard.

As she tried to apologise about it, I waived it off quickly, to make her feel at home with me.

Then she tried to be a bit conversational.

And I found that the perfect moment to remind her to tell me about any reaction, if any came up.

“I know you are doing some work evidently, because I feel deeply refreshed and I feel much less pain on my knee, but I can barely feel what you are doing.

I don’t mind if you beat me a little.” she said.

I imploded into laughter but kept a gentle smile on my face.

She was evidently used to a combination of hacking, kneading etc types of massage, that are commonly done here.

I guess she meant Hacking strokes.

“Ma, I don’t beat people when I work.” I calmly offered her curiosity.

“I have done massage with an outfit in town, a couple of times and they do stuff different from the way you seem to be going about your massage.

I actually feel deeply relaxed already but this looks different. ” she reiterated.

“Ma, there are different types of Massage.

And then, everyone has style …and befitting strokes in each type of Massage.

Every Masseuse has an intent, as she works.

My intention is to encourage the body to cleanse and heal itself, so I choose the Feathery Glides, to pamper the Lymphatic System and make it go about it’s work, more gingered sometimes in a Massage Session.

At other times, I really prefer to spend good time with the Signalling Systems in the body, to improve Cell Activity. ” I supplied.


That makes it look interesting!
My new job makes me travel a lot and keeps me too busy and terribly fagged out.

I hope I can get… ” she continued on.

At the end of the session, Madam paid more money than the bargain.

She was deeply relaxed …and satisfied.
I didn’t “beat” her.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil enjoys offering Massage services that encourage the body to re – regulate itself and heal, amidst other benefits like Relaxation, it brings her Clients.

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Beauty, Massage and Skin Care

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Beauty, Massage and Skin Care

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Beauty, Massage and Skin Care

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