Life, Little Things and Laughter

Meghan, Your Wall Of Silence, Eh-n …

This your Shear Wall eh-n …

What Grade of Concrete is it made of, sef?
Concrete comes “grade by grade.”
I’m curious.
My curiosity has just been aroused again, reading the news of your continued silence.

Can’t quite tell, what your new home with the Royals stipulate, but I bet there’s stuff they do anyway.

The Queen is a no nonsense Woman and she can do anything, if it comes to mind.
After all, she didn’t waste time in ordering the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana.

Even Fergie wasn’t spared.
Though she and her ex hubby, Prince Andrew, live in the same building and relate wella (claims I hear, relate to the need to give the Girls a feeling of a normal home), they remain divorced!
Fergie irks the Queen’s Husband.
They don’t get along, but the Queen doesn’t mind Fergie at all.

Anything can happen, once it is considered that you tripped.
Royalty is something else, ghaan.
You don’t decide to “spoil show” for yourself, in The Firm.

But your Dad is your Dad fa!
Your Dad may really have done a whole lot of things that don’t seem to make sense, at a point.
I particularly got turned off, when he gave reasons of a heart condition, that very period of your Wedding, yet the Paparazzi gave us pictures of him having a good time out, within those same days.

Yu pipo’s quarrel eh-n, …
Ee pass be kiafu!

Baby Girl, there’s a part of you, that I don’t like.

Even if Thomas Markle remains a Person that continues to “laä nù” anyhow, I consider that you are a grea-t writer who writes her Speeches and can find a way to still write him a “Dear Dad …”


But let me still keep finding silly cliffhanger Excuses about what the Queen tolerates, meanwhile.
But don’t rest on your oars because they (excuses) will certainly expire someday and I will make efforts to make sure I mention them in my writings, when they expire.

Don’t joke!
I’m Dad’s Kid, lo-ö tôr, lo-ö tôr!
(meaning, “true, true!”).

I gat love and admirations for you on one hand, and then “beta beta” Cane on the other hand.
Two busy hands, when the need for their use, arise.

On a serious note eh-n, once more I’m beginning to look at this your Wall of Silence you’ve built against your Dad.
I know it hurts very deeply, to have a Dad do such a mea-n thing to his Daughter (that’s if the Paparazzi gave the rea-l situation, at the period of your wedding.

But you ended up getting a royal walk down the Aisle, with your Father in-law, na.
What special substitute can be better than that?
In fact, news gave it that Prince Charles was very ready to be asked to volunteer, looking for the sharpest way, to make his son happy with him.
I heard he quickly “joo-body”ed into the request from his son, Harry.

Can’t quite trust the character of Thomas Markle (your Dad), but I vote for forgiveness!

You’re about to have a Child fa!

Don’t bring that Baby into the World, with a spirit of unforgiveness, fa!
Things we don’t really understand, backfire in life, fa!

In short, left to me eh-n, I suggest that you don’t keep growing this Foetus with such a mind of

I just want to “shaä ré Baba nã!”

Baba”n ki né fa!

What if you continue this vex (if indeed, your silence has nothing to do with the Palace’s golden rules), and your Dad ends up dying someday?

Will you cry?
—especially when memories of your life with him begin to create a tsunami in your thoughts?

Should I imagine that those tears would be genuine?
Anyway, a word is enough for the Wise.

© Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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