Messiah? Be wary!


Those who have no clue what war is should not go around chanting war songs. Namdi Kanu came singing self determination for the Indigenous People of Biafra. Some young men and women who know very little about how the world of snake charmers work listened to him and vowed never to eat or drink until the dream is achieved. Unfortunately, many precious lives were lost.

But Nnamdi Kanu had a plan all along to flee when the heat becomes unbearable. He had his British passport safely kept away. He had his escape routes carefully mapped and he made a dash for the exit when the opportunity arose.

Many who flocked around Kanu to beat the drums of war had no passports. Even if they had, the passports were without visas to any country where they could have sought refuge. They were simply being led to their graves. Yes to their graves. History is replete with men of great oratory who promised deliverance to their followers but led them to destruction. Think about adolf Hitler.

Sometimes, the “messiahs” die with their followers. Think about Jim Jones.  More often than not, the messiahs disappear to live in the luxury and safety of other lands while their follwers are fried in a fiery crucible. Think of the Nazis who fled to the US.

Even when such messiahs succeed in the fight for liberation, they often turn out to be cruel emperors worse than those they overthrew. Think about  Jean-Bertrand Aristide,  Haitian politician and Roman Catholic Priest who devoted his life to the poor and oppressed. When he became President he turned into a brutal dictator. These things are all there in the dusty archives of history. But man is doomed to repeat history and suffer the consequences.

Kanu will not be the last messiah. Every now and then, another liberator will show up and lead people to their demise. This is a line that goes back thousands of years.
Young people should study and learn from history.

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