No, Billi, no!

It’s roughly about seventeen days, after your “prophesy”, Melanie Bill Gates.
If you ask my candid opinion, (knowing that SARS-COV-2 is a “shar-p sharp! ” butcher), I’d say that your expectations might hit a dead wall.

He-y, you seem to forget that the immune system has a lot of say, as per who dies with Covid or who doesn’t.

I was eyeing your mouth imaginarily, when it dropped those corrosive words:

It’s going to be horrible in the developing world. …Look at what is happening in Ecuador, they are putting bodies out on the streets; you are going to see that in countries in Africa.”

Well, before your words ever thought to alight from within you, I’d once worried about our capabilities to possibly clear the Streets, of dead bodies, if Coro ventures to meet most of our immune, so porous as to cash in, sharp sharp and cart multitudes away in one sweep, as we’ve been watching in the media, about your America an-d Europe.

Let me téh yu something, Më-la.
From a Realist’s point of view, a number of things you “prophesied”, sank.
Bu-t, I’m a Realist with a difference.
An–d I’m not a Realist with bias.

“Were your predictions not trying to sound racist?” I’d asked myself, then.
Bu-t I’d dusted them off my thoughts, saying to myself
“After all Më-la, you are not God.
Not even your trillions or what ever else is higher than that, can be able to now mold you into god.
Naaà, Méla, naà.
You don’t use those types of words, even if you want pipo to sit up.

Let me tell you how your words reached most Nigerians.

It reached them with p-lenti vexation.
Some scorned.
Some scuffed at your pipo (Europe) who, even though are ver-y highly developed nations, fumbled and wumbled, felling under the butcher, Coro.

“As una dé vê lôp finish laik dis eh-n, …ina nô gè-h shame?
See as ina joor dey fall awä hand, fö Coro mata, fó the developing Countries of Africa.
Jus-t lekwanu de pipo wey den dey, high and mighty.

Jus-t lekwanu how Coro com dey blow fa-o yansh.
Ina fall awä hand for dis mata, wè-h weh!”

Anyway, I need to tuck in the reality of your words some where, in this today’s Naija.

Kano don begin dey “sho!”, fó de mata.

The Grave Diggers have done extremely well, in blowing the whistle shar-p sharp, that there are lots of deaths taking place in Kano.
Well, we still don’t know yet, if it is Coro or if it is Ayè- lâ- läa, “doing something” in Kano.

Bu-t, I have the strong feeling that your prophecy will not come to pass.
With all those heav-y pahn-di or Akpu ably escorted with korê-t Egusi that will surely beef up one’s antibodies, that many Nigerians whoof every day, an–d with all the vitamin D God has generously given us, an-d with all the vitamin C, etc in our Zobo and man-y other Foods that we eat eh-n, you will be in, for a surprise.

Ye-s o!
You will eventually be surprised that Nigeria or Africa, is not Ecuador.

I feel like telling your “prophecy”

“Abég commot fó Road joor!”

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil’s Musings on “who (which Continent) dies more.

Social distancing. Okada style.

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