Oby, nwanne m nwanyị, biko take ya red card!


Suddenly, Madam Oby dropped off the presidential race. At the last debate, she appeared to be a little bit too uptight. I wondered why. Did she realize that she had embarked on a fruitless journey and was contemplating quitting during that debate? No one can tell.

But here we are barely two weeks to the presidential election and Oby quits with the intention of building a coalition that will get the elephants in the room out.There is something wrong with this strategy, if it can be called one. Months earlier, Oby issued the PDP and the APC a red card. She revealed a plan to use a third force to help diminish the chances of the two behemoths in the 2019 elections.

OBJ was also on the plan, though on a different platform. So was Donald Duke and a host of others.

However, at some point, there was no evidence of any activities going on to suggest that an endeavour of such magnitude was going to take place.

OBJ reconciled with Atiku and backed his presidential bid. Surprisingly, Oby and Donald went on to pick up their own presidential tickets against the run of expectations. Donald’s ticket was contested in court and only validated this week at the court of Appeal. We don’t know yet whether that case will head to the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, while Oby is talking about a coalition, her party the ACPN has not only endorsed President Buhari but also about to throw madam due process under the bus with allegations of financial impropriety. Politicians and their “American wonder.” Was the ACPN a party waiting in the wings to endorse President Buhari all along? That was a pretty fast endorsement!

Now let’s take a deep breath and rewind. Would it not have been better if Oby stuck to her original plan? Under what platform is she going to do her mobilization now that she has been disowned by her own party? Who will she be mobilizing for a coalition in the first place? Even if there is a coalition, what success rate will she assign to such a coalition two weeks to the presidential election in which she remains on the ballot.

Now to the real question. What quality of thinking went into Oby’s foray into the presidential race? Toyota says good thinking, good product. Where is Oby’s good thinking on this matter? We can’t even talk of a good product because there is no foundation for it.

Recent elections have shown that it is possible to get an incumbent administration out of power. But so much goes into it.

Let us just say that Oby has missed the boat this time. So, Oby my sister, please take your red and leave the field of play for your political sloppiness. You have just scored an own goal.

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