Of Buhari and Atiku’s ” Àa Gié Muu Kwo Nï Naà Fï! ” Käta Käta

When I read the Headlines yesterday and stumbled upon the one captioned :
‘ “I’m far more educationally qualified, than Atiku.’ says buhari ”
I first burst into laughter.
Yes o.
I had a goo-d, good laugh.
Suddenly, I could see Babas, fighting for the position of
“I sabi book pass yu!”

Then I paused the giggles, like an MC would do briefly, with the vibes and asked myself
“Just what should the teaming Nigerians who have p-lenti kpàlis like primary school certificates secondary school certificates, Polytechnic certificates University Degrees, Masters, Doctorate , and Professor -ship ‘kpàlis” make of these seemingly funny looking
“Two pighting!”?
What should fa-r far more educated Nigerians who have had
“This wan nö even get kpàli, sef! ” impressions, feel about the News Headlines, as they read?

On different occasions in the past, especially before the elections of 2015 and 2019, we’ve read many rantings of most Nigerians, airing their “pàra”s about the education levels of Leaders.

Bu-t, mae den dey tuck their “ai dey vex! ” for “kwänã” first, because the Constitution allows people with lower “kpalis” to vie for Leadership positions in the Country.
That said, I believe everyone who has been “pàra”ing in the past, should upgrade their knowledge of what the Constitution specifies, and then, move on.

Although “vex nö dey too këe pesin like that, vex nö go car-rë pesin go anywhere! “
I’ve sometimes said to whoever cares to listen that
“instead of ‘vexing’, you too, go and become the presidential candidate of one party too, and come and contest with those who you think, do not have enough pkalis, to rule the Country.”

Quite a long time ago, a Hausa musician,waxed an Album I can’t quite recall its title.
But then, the song was often on sev-eral lips, because of its very fine crafting.
I had to use a few lines I recall, in this Article.
To help the Reader who’s had the privilege of listening to the song, recollect, a part of it goes like this :
“Ba ha yë, Yaro
Ba ha yë Yaro
Ba ha yë bà yaro bà
Àa Motà,
Woni ya fi Woni
Àa Mota,
Woni ya fi Woni
Àa han’chi,
Wota ta fi Wota
Àa han’chi,
Wota ta fi wota!

Àa gié muu
Woni ya fi woni!
Àa gié muu
Woni ya fi Woni!

Àa gié muu
Kwo nï Naà fï
Àa gié muu
Kwo nï Naà fï! “

Tä ho mä ‘za
Tä ho mä”za, yaro
Tä ho mä ‘za
Muu jë gida, yaro”
Àa gié muu
Woni ya fi woni

Àa gié muu
Kwo nï Naà fï!”

Simply means that
“In terms of Beards, one person’s Beards are certainly longer than another’s, in comparison.
In terms of our Beards,
“My own is longer than yours!”
In yesterday’s Punch Newspapers caption,
Buhari seemed to be telling Atiku
“My own bia bia is longer than your own!”
And the article impressed on readers, that
Buhari was “head and shoulder above” Atiku in terms of educational qualifications, training and courses attended, both within and outside Nigeria.
That was not all.

More impression we got, was that Buhari surpassed Atiku in terms of acquisition of knowledge, certificates, laurels, medals and experience.”

“Wey your own Kpàli, Atiku?
Present them let’s see! ” The SAN representing Mr President, seemed to be jibing at His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, the Presidential Candidate of PDP.
The 2019 campaign season and elections have come (and I dare say, not quite gone until the käta kätas at election tribunals are fully resolved) bu-t , they have brought along with them, a lot of eye -openers.
An–d Nigerians await what will unfold, from the new dimension of accusations and some “Proofs” we’ve heard of in recent times.

Glossary of words :
Kpàli as used in this article, signifies Certificates, Degrees.
pära loosely means ranting
Kwänã means Corner.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil musing on two Babas “pighting” for position.

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