Oga IGP, cool down, Please cool down.

We have been on this road before. A new IGP is appointed and before confirmation he goes about town and all police formations around the country making promises of a new direction and a new lease of life for rank and file police officers.

And then after confirmation, the enthusiasm wick is lowered and the the previously sparkling light flickers and dies off. And we go back to business as usual or back to something really stupid and heart breaking.

Therefore, my dear IGP, cool down and think very well about what is ahead of you. I hate to give you any advice. But in Naija, all of us be coach. So make I talk to you small. Abeg no vex o.

Now, you know how things are with your men. I mean your rank and file men. These guys are suffering. It is difficult to describe what is going on in their lives. Police officers are the worst “uniform-people” in Nigeria. Civil defense officers look more corporate than most policemen. Oh, you need to see some of these security officers who are not any where near policemen in training. They look sharp and cute.

But once you see police officers at the check point, you perceive poverty and frustration. Sometimes, you can not but feel sorry for them.

Policemen on duty.

Oga, you get work o. This one no be big grammar matter. You need to energize your people psychological first. Let them feel that they can be proud of who they are and the work they are doing.

Kit them up so that they can walk tall. Teach them how to interface with the populace professionally such that they can invoke respect rather than ridicules.

Most Nigerians do not appreciate the constraints that the police have to deal with while doing their work. Almost everything about the police is coloured negative. The work on reversing this supposed soiled image will be Herculean.

Hence, don’t spend your time talking too much about all the good things you want to do like your predecessors. Just hit the nail on any head that is defective and let results speak for you.

You first litmus test comes in under a month. It is the 2019 elections. In case you don’t know, it is a baptism of fire.

My dear friend, I hope I can call you that, be ready for war. War with your men who have been hungry for the past three years and want to eat from a well spread political buffet. War with politicians who want to be chefs and servers of bribes or facilitations, or logistics. I guess you know what I mean. You no be learner ba?

Nigerians will be watching your back. One mistake during the elections, you will be taken to the laundromat. And the rest of your tenor will be up in flames. You will have no place to hide your tail, trust me. They will roast you like a ram!

There are other matters I will like to discuss with you. But that will be after the elections. Go and do the above homework first. May it be well with you sir Adamu.

Bye for now.

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