On an “É wo lo kan mī” mode.

So, News has filtered into the Air, from; The Guardian Nigeria. APC suspends Ekiti governor Fayemi, accuses him of funding PDP. ‘Hmmm.’ I muse, as I play with my chin, thinking of what and what may be going on in his mind, at the moment. And so, I rise, to slip my Feet, into his shoes, so that I’d be able to make better sense of what may be going on in his mind.

The first thing that comes to my mind as an imaginary Fayemi is … “É wo lo kan mī?” I’ve got nothing to lose, meh-n. In fact, talking about loses, you’ve just probably lost a chunk (the whole of the South South), to the Opposition, in the next Presidential Elections, coming in 2023. “É wo lo kan mi? I’ve got nothing to loose, meh-n! I’ve been a Governor in the past. I’m currently the Governor. I’ve had a Ministerial job. I’ve had this … I’ve had that. In short, what haven’t I gotten, in my pursuits?

See, if you have sense, you will know, that any sensible Man, weighs the risks of what he sets out to do, ,… Counts the cost of … An-d goes out to satisfy his plans, whim, decisions, etc., knowing he’s got nothing to lose. O’! You think your Suspension counts much? It counts more, to me, that I’ve been ver-y instrumental, in driving the pegs of a “No way!” we all hold dear, of the dreams of 2023, to heart.

What this simply means, ,is …. It’s my Will, to start to determine what happens to me, come 2023. Meanwhile, let it be known to everyone who cares, to give it a thought; Edo people would still have massively voted against godfatherism, if indeed your allegations against me, are true. Edo people are a great People. They’ve been known to be so, if you cast your mind to Oduduwa days, they’re not weaklings by nature, to be panel beaten into shape, under some “den nó kuu kuu be am!” godfathers. They already have a God, that they serve. An-d, they treat Him as Father. An-d, they’ve not minced words in letting us all know, in the Nation. É wo lo kan mi, if you suspend me? I’ve got nothing to loose!”
Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, musing on The Situations on Ground.

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