Planning For …Plans

The parasite in town is pretty intelligent!

It deploys its intelligence, in organising Stealth.
I mean the kind of Stealth employed in Maneuvre Warfare.

It doesn’t waste time in disengaging people’s health and well-being.
What it does, is that it goes straight to the places where instructions are given to cells of Organs and Tissues, to achieve it’s plans.

Genetic material provides different types of instructions to Cells, 24/7.

Genetic material also regulates Cellular activities.

All Cells in the body, be they Cells of the Brain, or Cells of the Liver, or Cells of the Ovaries or Kidneys, etc. carry out daily activities, that run the show of keeping us alive and healthy.

And then again, cells of the Brain, Liver, etc have to reproduce.
This is, courtesy of genetic material.

Let me save the Reader, scientific jargons and head straight to other stuff, but it is good you know a little of what things obtain, within.

Like I mentioned earlier, this “guy man” parasite, is very intelligent.

It goes straight to the places where instructions are directly given to Cells of Organs and Tissues.

So elusive!
So well calculated!

If genetic material that dishes out instructions to the Lungs to manage the Body’s Oxygen content get damaged, …you can imagine what happens.

Let me hint a light one.
You’d sure be seeing a darkened shade of your Complexion because the Skin will not be able to enjoy its normal ration of oxygenated Blood.

I meant to be light about the impact anyway, but there’s a lot more like feeling exhausted when you haven’t really done stuff to clear you out.
If the genetic material that enables the Body send plenty oxygen to the Brain gets damaged, it may pop you out, when you ought to be awake and uh… m, it may choose rather to give you a headache, …to still be light about the matter.

If for instance, the genetic material that instructs your Cells to keep Pain or Aches far, by your not sensing them, gets damaged, you sure are gonna have Body Aches and Pains.

Well I see a lot of People these days, complaining about Body Aches..

Again, let’s save you the details of another man’s wahalas, and go back to …STEALTH.

How stealth works, is something else.
It requires a lot of Intelligence or …an uncanny ability to strategise.

The parasite in town, is well endowed with it, sha.
Think of this :
How can something so tiny in size that it has to be seen by a microscope, be so strong to give many people bad Fevers today, (that they still think is Malaria and Typhoid), bad Knee pains, that some have to become dependent on walking Sticks, bad Coughs, bad Kidney functions, bad Dysentric disorder (that the medical world is still thinking, was the type they used to deal with before), bad Toothaches, bad Gum inflammation, wicked sudden Strokes, etc that you hear or see today?

The parasite in town, has plans, when it gets into the body.

At the back of its mind, it is thinking to bring down the Structure.

We are living Structures.
An …d just like Structures often talked about in Civil Engineering have Beams and Columns as Supports, the Body has a lot of supporting Structures like Bones, Tendons, Ligaments etc.

You may have heard it said at some point, that Proteins are the Building Blocks of Life.

Maybe in kindergarten Science (Basic Science).
Or maybe, just out there in the world.

When I give thought to it from a perspective that appraises Buildings, I’d rather re position that rather simple definition.

I think of FRAMED Structures, once in a while.
Slabs, get rigidly held in places, by Beams, to avoid Deflection.
That provides Support for the Slabs (where you normally stand upon, do day to day activities upon).
Then Columns provide Support for the Beams supporting the Slabs.
You transmit Loads through them in Load Paths, to a Foundation.
An… d, voila!
You have a Frame.

The Structure is so framed that it can’t just go down like that, except something was not properly designed for, or not properly done in its Construction.

I look at the human Body as a Structure that is very well designed, with different supporting Structures (Tendons, etc).

The Tendons keep things running, so that your Knees can move freely, your Fingers can move freely about a Joint, your… In short, everything you can think of, can do its work normally without your being conscious of them.

The cartilages are there, doing their jobs without noise.

Noiseless beings!
If they don’t sit well to separate the Bones in the Spine for instance, there will be wahala.

In short, anywhere you turn in the Body, you really get to meet all these materials made of Proteins (Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles, etc) doing their various jobs of providing Support, silently.

A Designer who Frames a Structure, knows too well, that BLOCKS don’t really do the jobs.

Rather than seeing Proteins as the building BLOCKS of Life, I’d settle for them, being the guys that frame the Structure called human being.

We should take care of the Frame.

The parasite in town, is planning …Demolition.

And because of “great stealth!”, it does its own Demolition in a tactical way.

In a Structural Frame, a Designer knows the challenges that Tension and Compression will pop up.
So he provides, so that there won’t be… DISTENSION.
Now, that (Distension) would amount to some form of Failure in the Structure, if Tensile Forces are not adequately taken care of, in the Designs.
Whether the whole Structure cones down like a pack of Cards or it does so gradually, those who understand Failure, can sight… Failure in a Structure.

The parasite in town, is quietly distending proteins (supporting structures) in the body, and bringing the Building down.
Just like it is in Structures, whether a structural Failure brings the whole Building down or only a part , …there’s Failure.

I saw a woman in my neighborhood, walking with a fine walking Stick, yesterday.

I’d once hinted that she takes action properly, on the day I did Massage for her, a few years back.
She needed a Therapy, but she declined my suggestion.
It was beyond a Massage session, for me to just clear the wastes I saw on her third and fourth Lumbar Bones, and her Sacral Bones, as I worked on her.
She didn’t get it.
Some of those Bones, play hosts as neighbours, to very vital Fluids, called the Spinal Fluids.

They are Movers and Shakers.
They manage Electric supply to the Knees.

Seeing a walking Stick yesterday, I felt down a little in my heart about… the lack of understanding a number of people have, about INNERVATION.

Nerve supplies to your Knees are shutting down, and you are just settling for only a walking Stick and perhaps some Pain-killers?

Do you realize that that Root (Nerve root), supplies to some other places too, apart from just the Knee?
What happens when they too, begin to shut down?
I recall I had panicked a bit, seeing blotchy blood damage, around a few of those Bones then, when I gave her a Spinal Massage.

I know each Bone I touch on the Spine, well enough to understand which Organs get affected, whenever a Bone blows a Pain Whistle, when I touch (in Massage), or when there are Discolorations about it.

Nerve supplies from some of the Bones in the Lumbar and Sacrum, have a whole lot to do with a Woman’s health or a Man’s health.

Supporting the Knees only, with a Stick, was like continual postponement of an evil day.

Ólórun mä jé!

But… why do we joke over certain things?
Does it look like the parasite in town jokes?

I …plan for its Plans.
And I encourage you too, to.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil shares on a need to get more serious in handling one’s health.

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