Poor Service From Irresponsible Air Peace.

I don’t know
You can tell them if you like

In truth, the airline companies in Nigeria are no good at customer service. They are all totally irresponsible and without a shred of honour amongst them but, recently, Air Peace took the cake. And, I couldn’t care less about Air Peace flying in the Nigerian airspace since they do not care a hoot about their customers.

I don’t know
You can tell them if you like

This story started the day before!
The flight was scheduled for a return to Abuja from Portharcourt. This was a 4.30 pm flight on December 2, 2020. On December 1, 2020, Air Peace sent out mail that the flight would be departing at 8:50 pm. Okay, so there was fair warning that ‘Due to operational reasons, your revised departure time for flight 7191 PORTHARCOURT to ABUJA for tomorrow 2nd December, 2020 is now 8:50 PM. Air Peace regrets all inconveniences caused’. They therefore knew well in advance that there would be cock-up and informed passengers 24 hours early.

It was fair warning for me to cancel the trip! Or find another airline to travel with. I had gone to Portharcourt on a day trip and was desperate to return to Abuja before nightfall. Unfortunately, all that was messed up by the airline. After my sojourn in the Garden City, I travelled back to the airport at 6 pm only to be told the flight that was rescheduled for 8:50 pm was now leaving at 10 pm.

Crazy right!
This was the flight they had ‘rescheduled’ from the day before. You would think they knew exactly what the ‘operational issues’ were and had taken that into consideration. That’s not the real story though. Definitely not where it ended.

Would you believe that 10 pm came and went and there were no Air Peace staff in sight to explain why we had not departed? There was a subsequent announcement by the airport announcer that the flight from Abuja would be landing at midnight.

So, the flight from Abuja will land in Portharcourt at midnight, refuel and then return to Abuja with passengers who had been stranded at the airport from Earlier than 4:30 pm. Almost 8 hours at the airport waiting for an irresponsible airline that collected close to N60, 000 for an hour flight to Abuja. Okay, we subsequently left Portharcourt well after midnight and landed in Abuja an hour later. Ask me if there was a serious apology from the airline.

Well, thanks for asking.
Air Peace did not apologise nor explain in real terms exactly what happened and why the flight was further delayed by almost 4 hours. They did not even bother to assuage frayed nerves or offer any comfort to their customers at any time.

Air Peace did not care to know how the hundreds of people would leave the airport for their various destinations at 2 in the morning on December 3, 2020. The airline could not care less if anyone slept over at the airport or starved to death or was indeed kidnapped after leaving the airport so early in the morning.

This type of carelessness and irresponsible behaviour by our airlines and the clueless authorities tasked with keeping them in line is too much. The suffering of Nigerians due to poor and wretched customer service in the hands of these people is enough. The mission statement of Air Peace prides itself to be the most profitable airline company. At the rate at which they are screwing people, I must agree that they are on target.

Seriously, the least the airline can do is provide timely information, psychological support, and some comfort for their long suffering customers. That they can dump people in Abuja at well after midnight without a care for their security is atrocious and grossly irresponsible. They could have arranged for some transportation away from the airport to the Central Business District ensuring customer safety.

The other fact is that long suffering Nigerian commuters are too docile. We should punish these airlines where it hurts. No, not a kick in the crotch. By boycotting them. But, travel by road in Nigeria is fraught with such danger, we are between a rock and a shitty airline! The most they should be made to do is to refund the money collected for broken promises.

Who is there to protect the consumer?
Who is actually responsible for regulating the excesses of these airlines?

I don’t know
Do you know?
You can tell them if you like

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