Self Care: Get Serious!

“You have to get serious, Brother” I told a relation on the phone, three mornings back.

He’d placed a very early morning call, that was laddened with a tone of panic and sickness, in his voice.

Though much older, he was the type that was given to running to get help from a younger one, if it meant he had to.

I’d tried in the past, to inspire him to be a part of his self care, but he always seemed to make my efforts, look fruitless.

Now, the chips were down an …d from his descriptions, it sounded like the handwork of Alä kobà Air and the Parasite in town.

I didn’t understand why people could still afford to be less mindful, in days when sudden sicknesses either claimed lives, or… Jus-t kept people distabilised, more frequently than was necessary.

To me, ignorance (especially in times like these), is way too expensive.

He said his energy was swiftly drained from him and he couldn’t walk.
Signature presence of the parasite in town, harvesting major neurotransmitters that have something to do with energy levels in the body.

Somehow, he’d thrown in different spanners into taking decisions.
He said he’d go to the hospital.
It was not a bad idea, but I was interested in helping him for a start, to get the parasite oppressing things, off his back, so that his energy levels could be restored at least, to an extent.
I asked him to put my Niece on the phone, so that I could guide her to a place she could work on his back.

The back, is a power -house.
So I guided her to some specific parts of the back, to resolve some issues.
Evidently, a liver pathway in the terrain of the meridians, needed to be “placated”.
Once it was, a message would be sent to the Sinews and Ligaments in his Limbs, and that would ease the problems he had, since that pathway was good at managing movement and strength.

In a couple of minutes, he felt somewhat better and seemed to have been sent into some sleep, with the efforts she’d put in, on the part of his back, I guided her to work upon.

Well, he’d called the next day, to say he was getting better.
But he needed to get serious, as far as I was concerned.
The parasite in town, was good at angling people to a wall and “stretching them”, with its arms around their necks trying to throttle the hell out of them.
It was not a thing to joke with.

One of the biggest things one could help himself or herself do, was to get acquainted with some very important basics.

I wanted to once again, put in an effort to get him serious about gaining from his body, to assist him fight back, so I wrote him the message below.

Why You Need To Be More Serious With Your Acupoints An… d Reduce de -Sensitising Them.

There are some places in the body, that their roles are… Just to help you breath better.

If anything happens to them, you will find that you won’t breathe very well like you want.
That implies a lot, including some shortage in the circulation of oxygen, etc.

There are some places (depressions or pressure points, if you like), that their jobs are…
To control the intestines.
If they have problems you will either have diarrhea, dysentery constipation or even farting on and on and on.

There are some pressure points whose roles are to manage walking without wahala.
If they get damaged, you will find that you just develop problems with walking freely.

Anything can damage these pressure points and stall the physiological functions and biological activities (which all squeeze themselves into what is called Circadian activities ).

Alä kobà Air is one of the things that damage these pressure points.
Alä kobà Air is filled with Genotoxic substances
It may sound like big grammar here, but this simply means
Chemical substances that are toxic to Genes.

Each pressure point has something to do with what Scientists call Gene expression .

Let’s save the grammar for another day.

But keep in mind, that every damaged point expresses itself in some way or the other, in a body language.
A damaged point may host pain.
It may decide not to host pain, but may get depressed.
A damaged point may host discoloration, rash, etc.

If you learn the skill of listening to the body, it may host a sensation like a twitch.
Or a selective peppery feeling or a burning feeling.

A damaged point may host a lump hiding underneath the skin.
Whether it chooses to be large or small, is another thing.
But so long as it exists as a lump, it means that something (some function in the body), is being altered.
It may be a function as simple looking as moving from the chair you’ve been sitting on, for the past 10 mins, to the kitchen, to get some water to drink!

Depending on the level of alterations, you may find that in one case, someone will be able to walk but will have some difficulty.
Another will not be able to move freely and may need either a walking stick or …may need someone to either support him or her, to move around or he may need to be the one to go and help you get what you meant to go and pick in the kitchen or wherever.
This is simply a motor impairment of some sort, in the body.

The culprit?
A pressure point has been damaged by something or the other.
That simple!

If you are looking for what easily damages healthy functions nowadays, then you may need to cast your mind back to many things I’ve said, any time I mentioned stuff about Alä kobà Air or perhaps, the Parasite in town.

© Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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