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Should you buy that Honda?


Out of every ten cars that break down on Nigerian roads over a tie rod problem, nine would probably be of Honda make. There is no doubt at all that the problem came right from the factory. It is possible that at some point some makes of Honda may have been recalled over the tie rod problem.

Unfortunately, when products of any kind are recalled by manufacturers due to factory defects, those shipped to developing countries are not taken into consideration. Citizens of those countries live with such defects and all the dangers that come with it.

When a tie rod breaks, the affected wheel flops and the car goes out of control. From that point on, any thing can happen to the driver and its occupants.Where an accident results from a factory defect, the manufacturer is liable and can be sued by an individual or a group of individuals. The damages are usually very stiff and more so when it can be proven from company’s internal records that the manufacturer knew of the defect but chose to ignore it.

I am yet to see a recall or suit as a result of factory defect that included anyone in a developing country. In other words, we are on our own.

If you are considering buying an older model of any Honda car, you should consult a qualified mechanic to determine whether the one you are interested in has that life threatening tie rod defect problem.

Meanwhile, common signs of a developing tie rod problem include:
1. A front-end alignment that is off.
2. A shaky or loose steering wheel
3. An uneven or excessive tire wear and
4. A clunking sound

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