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Six sins of Nigerian Youths

Six sins of Nigerian Youth
The popular clause “Youths are the Leaders of tomorrow”, has since become a cliché because it no longer reflects the current reality in Nigeria. The acclaimed landlords of the country are still very much in control of power. Some of these leaders have already assumed the position of demi-gods believing that nothing will work in the country without them.

The “Not Too Young to Run law”, recently enacted has in so many ways attempted to massage the ego of the youths. It’s another deceitful way to make them feel relevant! But if you look inwardly, you will see that the law has no correspondent genuine intention on the part of the landlords of the country. For example how many youths do you think can afford Forty-Five Million Naira to buy APC’s Presidential ticket for instance? Or how many youths do you think can stand the rain of dollars witnessed in Port Harcourt during PDP’s primary election?

Introspectively, youths have their own share of the blame which I choose to call ” sins”. And these sins are:

1. We are too divided along religious, ethnic, political and regional lines.
2. We often follow those self-centered leaders blindly. We fail to understand that they only have plans for their wives, children and girls friends and not the rest of us.
3. We often forget their atrocities easily. So they use this to their advantage each time they come seeking for our mandate. They deliberately impoverish us so that during electioneering campaigns, they will display their filthy wealth and make us dance to their tunes. Could it be that poverty has taken our senses away?
4. We allow ourselves to be used as thugs while the children of these politicians are in some of the best schools aboard.
5. We make politicians to think that without them, we will not survive. Whereas we can do far better if we listen to the little voice within us always.
6. We look on while the rich makes our politics too expensive as a tool to keep us silent. Some of us are older than they were when they came to power in this country, and they are still in power. When will the youths become leaders of tomorrow?

We need to go back to our drawing board to redesign a platform for credible youths to emerge as leaders at all levels. We have to find a way to say NO to money bags! But if we find that too difficult to so, the we should collect their money and follow our conscience.

Now that 2019 is around the corner, you will see politicians going back to their constituencies with motor cycles, sewing machines, bags of rice, salt and maggi to deceive the poor citizens! We may be poor but we are not fools.

My brothers, be wise! It’s time to rise up and be counted! To do this, we need to work the talk within the system. We need to educate ourselves and prepare a template that will sail us to the corridor of power.

To achieve this, we need to be self disciplined and focused as well as looking inward by listening to the little voice within us! Then we shall have the power to communicate with the Infinite Intelligence and act beyond where we are today.

We also need humility, respect, love and oneness. Our agenda should be pan Nigerian. I’m so optimistic that if we go this route, It will be a win-win all the way!

(C) 2018

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