So, how does Ganduje plan to manage being in the spotlight?

Hours after an Article I wrote about current happenings in Kano, was posted, BBC news published a piece on the deaths in Kano State.

The title…?
What’s Behind the Deaths in Kano?”

Please, hit the net and grab a first hand view of the perspective of the Writer, by yourself.

I think I want to focus on the State Governor.
One can’t really tell what the BBC news piece written about the happenings in Kano, would pop, bu-t I bet since it is a headline that causes a stir in wherever it reaches, it sure is going to put the kleiglights on Ganduje, especially as Kano is a “happening” part of the country an–d because it is in the (NUMEROUSLY) Giant of Africa.

From the testimonies of the Survivors we watch on Sunrise Daily, I think that Lagos State of Nigeria is doing ver-y brilliantly, given the situation of our health system in Naija, an–d given the kind of environmental challenges in Lagos.
So, let’s look closely, at what the survivors have been saying.

Most of them have openly commended the medical personnel in Lagos, being in the forefront, risking their lives but saving lives.
An–d tell you what…?
Almost everyone of them, has truly commended the State Government and importantly, Sanwo-Olu.

I read in the news, that Aliko Dangote has donated a lot already, to the fight against corona virus in Kano State.
I also have read that the State Governor, is currently asking for the assistance of the Federal Government, in the fight against corona virus.

Social media feed by ace cartoonist Bulama.

It will be quite important, for the FG to respond swiftly.

But i suggest that the State Governor should put on a ver-y proactive stance, as Coro is…
“shar-p sharp! ” in its spread an–d particularly in dishing out its deadly punches to organs in the body.

Coro will not wait for gélé gélé waka, if it starts holding people at the scruff of the neck, in Kano.
An–d Coro doesn’t know Politics, as we’ve all seen in its butcherings in America.

I think you should prepare for the kleiglights, your excellency, since you’ll be the media topic around the world, for a while, before something else comes to take up attention, globally.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil shares thoughts from a Lockdown Couch.

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