So -o, Is It Ayè -lâ -läa, Operating At The Moment In Kano?

It is no more news that something utterly unusual, is happening in Kano.

While we initially kept focus on stuff happening in Lagos, from our online Spectator seats, the FCT started collecting a chunk of our attention, now and again.

Then suddenly, stuff happening in Kano, began to waltz in, as soon as the Cemetery workers, Grave Diggers, etc. began to blow scary Whistles about a huge rise, in the burials, they often used to handle, daily.

Trust Ganduje.
He said “No!… “

It was like saying
“Don’t come and begin to imply that that demon called SARS-COV-2, is in my State. “

Of course, people were speculating already, as the demon had made itself clear, that it was ver-y much in Naija, after the presidency lost Abba Kyari.

Fast forward.
The news of more deaths in Kano, has deafened all of what Ganduje seemed to be implying.

In recent news, the Oga seems to have admitted that something is happening in Kano.
How exactly would anyone deny that anyway, judging that the deaths that have occured recently, are actually of ver-y prominent people in the State?

A couple of days ago, the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire mentioned something about shutting down the SARS-COV-2 Testing Centres in Kano.
He explained that it was necessary, as some of the workers there, had become infected and that the place needed to be de-contaminated.

My wonder is…
Has Ayè lâ lä decided to visit Kano, since it is not Coro, as speculated?

An–d for what reason(s) anyway?

An–d where is Sanusi, the deposed Emir?
Well, if it were Benin that this kain Drama (change in the Emirate) unfolded, the ordinary man would begin to think of Ayè lâ lä, as strange deaths have taken over Kano, in a frenzy.

I just finished watching Seun, interviewing one Oga in Kano.

What the man said, that made me sit up…?
70% of the Doctors, have absconded!


Anyway, without enough PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT,
who wan com die for Ayè lâ lä or for whatever else not yet verified, kwa nu?

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil writes from a Lockdown Couch.

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