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So-o, What’s Really Happening To The Pants And Bras Na?

In our teenage years, an occasional occurrence used to take place then, where someone or another, got caught, “gbabbing” somebody’s panties in the Hostels.

In such a setting, it was a “gbabbing” they “pocketed” for their use, because the “Kpâta- mï- rokuns” were probably quite fine or perhaps something from a powerful design label.

And of course, it attracted some form of punishment, if they got caught, aside of the fact that the “gbabber” was subjected to some form of public disgrace.

If you ask me, I’d say that such was “good enough!” for any “Olo’ju koko’ro” person, who liked to kölöbî Kpâta that isn’t hers.

That was the pattern then o.

But the rumours of what is happening now is getting quite crazy, meh-n!

Let me start with the first kind of scare that was sent down my spine, when I travelled to a part of the country, where odd things are beginning to happen, as the reality of the scanty things I’ve gleaned from the News in previous weeks, dawned on me.
I guess this will sit a female Reader up, so that she’ll learn to be a little more on guard.

Pant robbers.

On the third Sunday of the Year, I went to Church and forgot to remove Undies I’d washed and dried along with some Clothes, outsde.

Guess what?
We had Someone we didn’t know as such, in my Brother’s house, where I’d put up, in the visit.
He is the new Gateman.
That day, was his second Sunday at work.
An–d he wasn’t going to Church.

At a point in Church, thoughts about the new trends in the Country, hopped into a Formula One speed Car, but drove casually past my mind.

What I decided to do, knowing that it was going to be a while before we disperse?
I simply prayed and handed my discomforting thought to God to take care of the situation so that I could concentrate on the Message.

A few days later, stuff about the trends of the theft of Women’s undies, strolled into a conversation we had with my in-law and her Colleague.

“So-o, what exactly do they use them for self?” I asked her Colleague who had tried to impress that it is not really because of the Election season.

I’d wondered if the “kolobi”ing may likely stop or even just reduce after the Elections, since some odd things sometimes happen as a prelude to the Election season.

Wetin concern stolen pants and the politics of elections?

It was clear from the conversation, that those who kölöbî women’s Underwears are using them for Ôkpö.

My curiosity didn’t stop at that.

“So-o, what happens to someone when they kölöbî her Undies?”

No one knew exactly what, but Mrs A mentioned that “more Girls are just getting mad for no clear reasons, nowadays.
These are Girls who haven’t been known especially in times past, to have mental issues.

She narrated an incidence she witnessed of a big Girl, taking her bath, in the public as she drove past a Road.

Ôkpö ghaa-n!

And now is the time that Women folk should sit up and begin to brainstorm on various perspectives of the challenges the trends have come with.

This article is prelude to another, titled :

“The Challenge Of Being A Female In Nigeria, Has Gone Pretty Wild”

Keep your curiosity warm and enlightened.

Wonders will never end.

Footage Glossary:

Ôkpö loosely means fetish activities meant to harm.

Kpâta -mï -rokun has been used as a slang in the article, for panties.

Gbabbing has been used as a slang for pilfering or stealing

Kölöbî, a pidgin English Street Slang, has also been used for stealing.

Oloju koko’ro loosely means someone who’s not satisfied with what he / she has, and so, decides to eye what another has got.

©Petralyn Ehiz-Phil
Jan – Feb 2019

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