Sorting Out The Itch In Your Genitals, Without Drugs.

Sometimes, it gets very nasty, to experience itchy discomfort in the genitals.

Bu-t, whether the itch is caused by infection or by irritant toxins (Alä kobà chemicals), that have settled there, a pressure point in the body, is capable of resolving such wahalas.

Pressure points are wonderful.

They call way too many shots, in the proper functioning of the body, when they are “well” and when healthy qi is flowing through them.
On a good day, your body’s pressure points go about their duties, of fixing things for you, and keeping many bodily functions sorted out, without your even knowing that they exist.
But there are “ba-d weather days” too, for pressure points in the body.
Everyone experiences those “bad weather days”, whenever there’s a down-regulation or unnecessary up-regulation, that is not fit.
Worse still, dys-regulations spoil “p-lenti ” shows, especially if they are brought about by viral infections etc.
He-y, those times are like “ina- neva -chi -somtin! ” days, in terms of healthy functioning, Health, etc.
Of course, they are worse!
They tell very badly on functions.

It is often beneficial to stimulate electrical impulses and chemical impulses, through pressure points, especially on “wan kain weather” days.

As often as a pressure point is properly stimulated, you begin to ginger the swagger of electrical and chemical impulses in your body.
Guess what impulses in the body, do for you, when they are on the go, pulsating healthily to run different shows …?
A whole lot, meh-n!

Let’s “copy” this coo-l looking fact, and paste it on the situation of itching of the genitals.
When the impulses are “gingered ” by stimuli, the body makes the exact chemicals fit for the impulses sent, so that specific issues in the body can be resolved.

Often times, I give a “that’s very true! ” nod, to the marvel shrouded in the human body.

Think about this.
Isn’t it a marvel, that you are created, fitted with some mechanisms that can help you resolve the challenge of genital itching, without Drugs?

My! My! My!

Anyway, let’s go to the place in your body, that you can give things a tweak that sweetens the waters of comfortability in terms of genital health.

Medially located along the back lines of the shin bone, is a bodily treasure where you can have … a superb experience of freedom from genital itching, if the qi flowing through that point is healthy.

An–d when the experience of freedom isn’t superb…?
Don’t worry!
Speak to the “genie” in that point, to come to your rescue, simply by stimulating the pressure point!

The “Treasure” pressure point, is the fifth pressure point, along the Liver Meridian.
You can reach it if you measure eight fingers above the protrusion of the inner ankle.

Place your index finger as a guide, (a beacon to measure from), on your inner ankle bone.
Then, measure a full palm (four fingers) above the “beacon “, along the shin bone.

Remove the “beacon”, so that you can make use of the hand, to measure.
Right above the full palm measurement, take another measurement of three fingers (exclusive of the little finger), without spacing between them.
Then, locate the point you are looking for, in the lateral side of the shin bone.
The point is situated, just off the bone!

Having located a solution spot in your body, it is time to pressure.

Place the pad of your thumb on the depression you have just located, and begin to pressure in a circular motion.
Three to five minutes of work, will pop you some results.
Bu-t repeat it again, later on.
If you found that the spot is painful, the moment pain goes away, the problem resolves itself.

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