Sòwòré òré mí

Sòwòré òré mí
The rough pebble puked from the cold spring of Ese-Odo.
A wandering colt on a scorched land.

Sòwòré òré mí
The dancing bee with a broken sting.
A loose string from a talking drum.

Sòwòré òré mí
The opera singer with a ruptured voice.
A swinger staring at a dark void.

Sòwòré òré mí
The lone piper on a bush path.
A fryer of public fury in a private kitchen.

Sòwòré òré mí
Don’t offer a bubble gum to a roving lion
Or rub the back of a choking chimp.

Sòwòré òré mí
Never go to a distant farm on a market day.
Never attempt to cross the Evil Forest alone.

Sòwòré òré mí
ku aabọ pada si ile
Welcome back home.

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Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Newspackng.
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