Sugar Ants

The following Poem is dedicated to all those fighting their addiction to sugary drinks. Its for those who have broken all resolutions against Coke and Pepsi. You are not alone, let’s gather here, we are Sugar Ants.

When Sugar Calls, We answer
We are sugar slaves
Head to toe like a string of beads
We are ants black not, soldier not, but sugar ants

When Sugar Calls I answer
From a mile I smell fructose
From the crumbles on tables to the crevices in walls
From the wine spilled over floors to the floor of sweet bottles.

When Sugar Calls We answer
It’s a sweet life we lead
Sugar in each breath
Friends to death with our sweet tooth

When Sugar Calls I answer
It’s a call I dare not defy
Trapped at the floor of this sweet cycle
Round and round this master of mine.

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