Take Care Of Your Hands

Your hands can help you do a lot more in life, than you know.

Just to name a few, a person’s hand can help him regulate the beat in the heart.

I felt bad when a great man, Steven Keshi passed.
I wished he knew what to do with his hands, the moment the heart rhythm began to alter.

There’s an inbuilt pacemaker, tucked in the groove in the line of the crease in everyone’s wrist.

It is by the side of the pinkie little finger.
And it sorts out heart conditions, when one knows how to engage it.

Take care of the groove under the head of the metacarpal bone of your little finger.

There’s not much the Spine can do on it’s own, without the wisdom that God hid in that groove

Take care of the groove below the head of the metacarpal bone in the index finger.

It can change many little things in your life, including swelling and pain in fingers.

Take care of the second metacarpal bone of the index finger.

Along the strip of that Bone, lies way too many solutions for different people or different seasons in their lives.

If a pregnant Woman needs to go to the labour ward and stroll out without wahala, that bone can help activate her dreams.

If a Woman has delivered but has the Placenta staying back, that bone can reset many things and resolve the problem.

Way too many secrets tucked there, for everyone!
Some forms of infantile Convulsion can be easily resolved from there.

If anyone suddenly begins to feel frontal Headache (caused by the particular parasite in town, that place is the place to go, if a person wants to have a body solution to his or her problem.
The body can heal itself by itself.
Knowing how to get it do that, is the challenge.

Along with other points, it offers help for pain of the Eyes, swelling of the Face, aches in the lower Teeth, etc.

It comes super handy, when needing to deal with unwanted Sweating.
But then, it is not the only place that does that.

That’s the real reason why one needs to work along with someone who understands the exact places to go to, whenever there’s a problem.

A great point for resolving Constipation, it might not help if it isn’t the exact spot that Qi altered its function in the body.

Anything that alters the flow of impulses, can create wahala, if the altered state is not resolved.

I listen to everything that that particular Bone has to say, through sensory language in the days of widespread infection from the parasite in town and the Alä kobà Air it generates in people.
For me, it hosts one of my Body’s Whistle blowers and can blow whistle on time, to alert me of something not friendly to my health, anyday there’s good signal strength.

A Parasite is in town.
Everyone ought to know.

Anyway, whistle-blowng isn’t about Kemi Adeosun alone.

Take care of the Dorsum of the Hand.

Me, I read messages of happenings within the Lungs, Chest, etc, there.
And when I squeeze the fingers into a Fist, I can read some messages of happenings in the Spine and it’s surrounding, especially happenings that have something to do with the Thorax, Lumbar and Sacrum, in the dorsum of the hand.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil works with Bones, Creases, Lines, Joints, Grooves and Muscles in the Body, to benefit health and well-being .

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