Life, Little Things and Laughter

Taste, away it flew!

I forgot what food felt like.
For three days I succumbed to the painful hands of malaria.
Along with the usual loss of appetite came an unexpected twist.
I lost two of my senses, sense of taste and smell.
We learn about our 5 senses in primary school but you never really notice until you loose one.
Life couldn’t be more boring
I was only conscious of food textures
And had to rely on the aesthetics of the food to give me some sense of satisfaction.
Funnily, it made me chew longer.
As I rolled the food around my mouth trying to find that little spot where I could find pleasure
The sound of the egg getting crisp in the oil
Made my enzymes leap for joy.
Only for my hopes to be dashed when I chewed and something so bland quelled the mini celebration.
I sprayed my armpits so hard the deodorant almost flew out of my hands
I’ve never longed to even smell my own poop while taking a dump.
Was this how if felt to not see colours?
The little things we take for granted
Still awaiting the return of my senses ,as I now chew my drugs, something I never would dare!

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Life, Little Things and Laughter

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