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The ₦100 Lady- A True Story

The ₦100 Lady

I wanted to speak to her but she rudely walked away from me (or so I thought) staring at the ground looking for something. Her face wore a droppy frown.

I was mildly upset and walked away too. But after a few metres I stopped and went back to her.

What is the problem young lady, I asked.
I have lost the airtime I wanted to load on my phone.

How much airtime?

I didn’t have my wallet with me. So I looked around to see who could lend me ₦100. When I got it, I returned to the young lady.

Here is another ₦100. Buy a new airtime.
Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at me in shock and thanked me endlessly.

I didn’t understand why she was so grateful.

But I learnt one important lesson- what may be meaningless to you might mean the world to someone else.

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