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The Abuja Amputators

I was at the small parking lot in front of the main entrance into the Federal Medical Center Jabi when a tall light skinned lady walked out from the facility with her right hand held up high in the air. Her fingers were covered with a thick layer of bandage that looked like a huge cone of ice cream. She was also walking with a slight limp on her right leg.

I wondered what could have happened to her. May be a car accident I thought.
A little later, I got to know that she was attacked by the Abuja Amputator. She had dropped off a vehicle by her estate, Peace Court, in the same area with Citec Estate and not too far away from the Federal Medical Centre.

As she walked the lonely stretch into the estate, a young man appeared from the bush with a long sword and demanded for her bag. She said in the split second before she could comply with his instruction, the assailant charged at her with the sword and cut her right palm . Even though at that point, her bag had fallen down, the assailant again slashed her right leg before fleeing into the bushes.

She was lucky. Inside, the hospital that day were two other ladies who had been attacked in an eerily similar manner. One had her right hand amputated due to a severe cut. The other lady had one of her left fingers cut off, her right palm slashed and a very deep cut in her right leg. All the attacks had to do with attempts to steal the ladies’ bags.

Who are these Abuja Amputators? No one knows for now. What is clear is that they are operating under the influence of something. The savagery of the attacks is frightening.

Ladies living in the capital territory need to understand that those cherished bags they carry around can attract the Abuja Amputators. They should do whatever they can not to walk alone in the night or in lonely places.

However, in some cases, it may not be practical to be accompanied by someone. Therefore, if you find yourself in a lonely place, be extremely conscious of your environment, avoid “playing” with your phone and hurry to get out of danger. But if you can avoid walking in a lonely place or in the night all by yourself, that would be a better option.

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