The Catcher

Bird, free, gliding in a blue sky
Conned, caged in a carnal case
Butterfly in a heat
Fluttering, flustered in a floral garden
Clown in a costume
Touring, teasing in a theatre of torture
Hideous thoughts in a dark alley
Hiking, hunting in a hill of amour
Racing mind in a rollercoaster
Flipping, flopping in a furious flare

Forbidden fruit in a tree
Fit for a pair of fools in a fairytale flight
Blisters in a body
Wrapped in a wreath of tears shed at dawn
Bliss in a buoy
Tossed into a whirlwind
Cocoon for two carried in a cloud
Secured to a rainbow of vows.

©Philemon Doro Adjekuko, 280919.

About author
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Newspackng.
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