The devil is here in Nigeria!

In Cameroon, a pastor was seen touching women’s private parts openly, in church. He was checking how fertile they are and how ready for marriage. If the pastor is doing this openly in the church, what would he be doing privately?

More, much more, like Oliver Twist!

Pastors defiling their congregation, committing sexual and moral assault on ‘stupid people’ continue on a daily basis. It is said that when you are dead, you are dead. You don’t feel anything and only other people feel the pain. The same goes for when you are stupid.

I say stupid, of course, because religion is man made and the pastors are responding to the gullibility of folk who seek salvation through man. Men who are certifiable psychopaths and sociopaths leading a congregation. Take for example, the actions of one of those men. Here in Nigeria, we were recently asked if we could secure abortion for a young woman who had gotten pregnant.

The pastor was asking!

On abortion
In America, some states such as Alabama are criminalizing abortion. It is now illegal regardless of how the pregnancy happened. Whether through rape or incest. We can all agree to disagree about religious or morality of abortion. And that’s fine. However, the abortion ban appears too restrictive.

Young girls who became pregnant from rape and incest would be forced to keep the baby. The physical and mental anguish often forces some to commit suicide. The children of such acts also fare poorly as many are psychologically and mentally damaged. Permanently!

It does not benefit the society.

Anyway, lets get back to the meat of this article.

Sexual abuse. Courtesy Inshot.

The devil is here
The devil is amongst us. He and his disciples are carrying out atrocities and evil deeds all over the place. Nowhere and no one seem safe and beyond their malevolent deeds at the present time. In Egypt and Libya, there are slave camps filled with African migrants fleeing to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. Many are raped, harvested of their organs and killed by fellow Africans. The xenophobic attacks in South Africa is still a fresh wound.

African migrants fleeing to Europe. Courtesy

Redemption song
Old pirates, yes, they rob I
Sold I to the merchant ships
Minutes after they took I
From the bottomless pit
But my hand was made strong
By the hand of the Almighty
We forward in this generation
Won’t you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
‘Cause all I ever have
Redemption songs
Redemption songs
Let me tell you more!

In Nigeria
A man had his teeth forcibly pulled out of his mouth by criminals in Abuja. He had gotten into a fake taxi cab with the devil hiding in the boot. The chap came out of the boot demanding he hands over all in his possession. He had to, after having some teeth extracted without anesthesia. In the past, many women, including nurses on their way home from saving lives have been forcefully ejected from moving fake taxi cabs by robbers.

They call it, ‘one chance’!

Meanwhile, the killings going on in many communities in Nigeria continue largely unabated. We have heard stories of ritualists cutting off peoples’ heads to use for money rituals. No one has told them that the wretched herbalist would have been a Billionaire if the juju was real. We can blame the lack of creativity in Nollywood for this!

Ritualists at work (Illustration Courtesy of Mr Bulama)

Killers and kidnappers
Criminal gangs roam the streets day and night looking for people to kidnap for ransom. Many are armed with pistols and AK 47 to scare the living daylights out of ordinary folks. These devils jump into the road and start firing at oncoming traffic, forcing emergency stops and maneuvers. They kill as many as those hit by bullets at random and carry away those who survive the wreck that ensued after the sporadic shooting. A policeman was recently rescued from such a gang by vigilantes.
The police and the rest of the armed forces seem clueless and powerless to confront this menace that threatens to consume all of us. We are allowing the devil to prosper and fester like cancer. There are even pictures of children and babies posing with ammunition.
To kill other Nigerians!

Bus forcibly stopped on the highway by kidnappers. Courtesy Daily Advent.

A different tune
If Bob Marley was alive, he would have changed the lyrics to this song. The truth is that we cannot continue to sing away our sorrow. The pastors are in business and acquiring souls for the devil. They gather worshippers and deliver their own misinterpretation of the Holy books. Pastors misbehaving in church should be slapped back to reality. Their particular brand of miracles stops at the church ceiling! In any case, we cannot rely on them for prayers. No need for prayers as collective, affirmative action to confront the menace will bear fruit.

Church members in a miracle prayer session. Courtesy BBC.

On the ritualists and kidnappers in our midst. We also cannot wait for God Almighty to act: to stop the carnage and deliver us from the devil. No. We, the good people of Nigeria must take the bull by the horn and call out those who support, harbor and arm the devil.
We cannot shy away from a good fight: either way we are doomed.
As they say, the devil is a liar!

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