The life and butt of an olodo rabata

“May the very ugly ones forgive me, but beauty is fundamental”
-Vinicius de Moraes, a Brazilian poet

First the busts.

In the beginning it was breast enhancement. But the tragedies that followed as silicone implants ruptured inside women were overshowed by massive social media and beauty magazines promoting extremely busty boobs struggling to be free from the restraints of their owner’s bras.

Till date that madness endures even though anatomists say such enhanced boobs neither look natural nor feel natural. Rather, they are like overinflated balloons threatening to blow up like nuclear bombs. Privately, the carriers of these eye popping artificial mammary glands mourn and wish their stories do not get as far out as their boobs

And then the butts.

Butts at large

The latest craze is butt augmentation (hereafter referred to as btta). It is as wild as you can imagine and more. From celebrities to village girls, many want a piece of the “heaving action.”

In the 2017  20,873 btta procedures were performed in the US alone.  And these are just the regular and legal procedures which involve the transfer of fats from various parts of the body to the butt with each procedure averaging between $5000-$14000. Many other procedures are unaccounted for because they are illegal and undocumented.

Professional butt augmentation procedure which is also considered dangerous when incorrectly done. (google screen shot)

In Brazil, butt augmentation trend is on fire so much so that the country has a “patented” btta procedure called the “Brazil Butt Lift (BBL)”

“To things that hurt affection clings

Why btta is dangerous yet attractive.

It is simple. The Jennifer Lopez and Kardashian hour-glass body shape effect. Some say they would die for it. Metaphoric? Not anymore.

Despite all the hype of before and after stories bandied in social media sensational circuses, btta isa dangerous process even if done by a certified professional involving intra body transfer of fats. Yet some women still do bttas for career development, social ascent or to raise their profile in securing a marriage partner.

“I wanna have one of them big ghetto booties that turn heads and make men drool”
btta client

Bootylicious may not be delicious.

Most people think that the bum-bum is all fat. But it is not. Doctors say there are a lot of blood vessels in your “backyard.” If fat is pumped into the area wrongly, it can make its way into the circulatory system and onward to the lungs and shut down breathing. Sometimes this can happen very quickly leading to instant death.

But the story gets uglier.

Many who desire regular bttas cannot afford the steep fees certified doctors charge. That has led to a btta black market where medical terror reigns. Rouge doctors and quarks offer various forms of bttas using all manners of non-medical fluids ranging from Industrial grade silicone, acrylic glass, hydrogel, super glue and cement. You now have btta parties where buddies and strangers binge on alcohol and administer injections on one another.

(New York Times)

But that is not all. There is an African twist to the butt war as young women in Congo who want bouncing bum-bum are reported to be using Maggi cubes for a do it yourself btta.

Yes-o, the same Maggi cubes our women use as spice for stew and soup are dissolved in cold water, drawn up into a syringe and pumped into the anus. And they swear the damn thing works just fine. Watch this video and see the madness going on in Congo in the name of beauty.

A Congolese lady demonstrating how to use Maggi cube solution for btta
(facetoface Africa)

Besides Congolese women, recent reports say women in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana have joined the butt race.  An unknown number of Nigerian women who cannot afford any form of medical procedures are said to be secretly using dubious btta creams and pills sold by swindlers who just want to cash in on the craze. 

The grit in the glitter.

These butts seeking women are either killing themselves instantly or gradually. In 2011, Claudia Aderotimi, a Nigerian student and model living in North London took a secret trip to Philadelphia USA. According to police authorities, Ms Aderotimi may have made a contact with someone on the internet who convinced her to come to the US for a btta using silicone injections. She died after the procedure.


In August this year, a Brazilian model, Lilian Calisto died six hours after a btta procedure performed by a popular celebrity plastic surgeon. There many more reported routinely especially in the US.


Those who are lucky to escape death are living either in the horror of bums falling apart or with sever amputated limbs.

A messed-up butt due to btta operation. (

The International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons say bttas are the most dangerous elective cosmetic procedures and have issued an international warning to women whose eyes are popping over big bums. In one year alone, btta procedures resulted in complications and deformities in nearly 17,000 patients in Brazil.

Apryl Michelle, an American hair stylist lost all limbs to a botched butt operation.

Conclusion of the matter.

The body is a chemical soup that is very protective of itself. Anything foreign you introduce into it is arrested and interrogated. And when found to be “criminal” in nature, the body can go into a frenzy defending itself. But when it fails, the consequences can be deadly. Don’t fool around with putting into your body what does not belong there.

You should not allow trends and society to define who you are and the way you feel about yourself.  Learn to live with the way you came to life as long as it does not threaten your life. To die from an elective surgery is the most tragic form of death. The true beauty of any human being comes mostly from the inside not the embroideries everyone easily sees.

So, my dear ladies, love thyself and stay alive. Nor use your money or your koro-koro eye kill yourself. Biko nu.

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