The Petals Are Falling Again

I felt it appropriate to wait till 31st December,  to mention my own condolence, though I learnt about his demise, less than an hour, after the News broke, and felt somewhat sad.

Cry for awä Leaders nö suppose joor dey finish  sharp sharp, like that, so… 31st will still get attention!

Just when I’d decided some weeks back, that I’d take my time to be celebrating the good sides of our existing Leaders before they die (haba, no man is completely bad now!),  a Petal dropped.


I wish I’d beat death to it, to celebrate whatever was the good side(s)  of President Shagari, joor.

The former President at a campaign rally

I’d have dug into the History of the stuff he did, as a Leader, to improve our Nation, in his tenure.

And I’d have checked on the electoral promises  he probably had made while campaigning, and mentioned the ones that he possibly fulfilled.


I’d just have blown his trumpet, for the ones that he fulfilled.

I’d have checked on the challenges that came unexpectedly, his way, as a President and I’d have applauded him, if I appraised his response and found that they were goo-d.

“Ee still try! ” I’d have insisted, if I found anything he distinguished himself in.

I’d also have considered the possible great things that happened upon us as a Nation (for example, Oil boom, etc), that his government least expected would happen, to benefit us.

I only recall as a  little one, that we entered and moved house, in the Low -cost Houses.

That’s all I knew.

It was later, that I heard that the Houses that were built in Barnawa, Kaduna, in his time of rule, were falling.


Anyway i appreciate the simpleton in him.

Maybe because I am one!

I notice  when I was wise enough  that  he carried a gentle mien about him, as an ex President.

It’s not quite clear to me, why he was toppled (I like to make my own assessment and I couldn’t possibly judge him based on stuff I didn’t know, that others knew,  about his Leadership.

  An… d I’m not ready to rely on Social Media to bias my mind, but… 

Today in 1983, is the day he was toppled, many years ago!

I wonder what precisely he felt, every time he got close to the brink of another year, for the rest of his life, after that faithful day?

For whatever positive impact you may have brought upon the Nation in your time, Sir, and of course, what ever succour you brought to people in your time (I hear you granted Gen.  Yakubu Gowon, etc pardon), I appreciate you.

Rest in peace.

 _Enjoy turning freely, to the left or to the right, as you think of Nigeria, in your Grave._

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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