The Senate President Is Sending Shivers Down My Spine O!

Dr. Saraki insists that the 2019 Budget is not only hopeless, but is deceptive, days after the President has implied that things are going to be tough, in 2019.

I feel like crying o!
So o, all these Iyaä’n jë mii ghaa-n!experiences I’ve had for quite some time now, are not yet enough for them to improve on performance and consider overhauling things, to make life better, nï ?

I’ve spent some choice moments, trying to understand English better, so that I can decifer stuff that the President meant, by
There will no more be handouts. Nigeria will have to struggle for the years ahead.
when he went to campaign for re-election, in Uyo.

I have struggled to pasàra the message of the President, so that I can download it better in my brain and keep my attention fixated on it. but it hasn’t really unfolded the mystery it seems to be, to me.

Tell you what?
The back of my mind has spent “plenti” time thinking about that part it understands as
Nigeria will have to struggle in the years ahead
And all my small mind has been whispering within itself is
President, if nä joke, make yu stop am o!

Do the people in position ever give thought to the har-d sufferings of the ordinary man at all?

Just take time out to read what the online Vanguard News, dated Dec 30th 2018 says, about the opinion of the Senate President on the 2019 Budget.

O jibi jibi jibi !!!
Where do we go from here?

Footage Glossary :
iyaä’n jë mii ghaa-n as used in this Article, loosely means
I’m real-ly suffering

Pasàra means
to break it down, to my understanding.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, feeling unhappy and a little apprehensive.

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