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The strides of a short man


O gosh.
If you are short eh-n , …don’t just get offended with the title of this Article.

You need to see how short this Writer is, so that the yabbies about being short, should not bother you.

It was when a young “guy boy” overtook me at the second to the last turn before my House, that it really dawned on me a few months ago, that the pace of my Legs compared to his, didn’t impress me.

He wasn’t rushing o, but he’d overtaken me.
This is someone that was really behind me earlier.

Let’s get to another aspect of… Shortie.

Two “shortie” Men flexed their might, in Central Market, Kaduna, this week.
I think you need to get more details of the “huhn huhn huhn” by yourself from the News.

I want to talk about my admirations for… Shortie.

Senator Shehu Sani blows my mind.
I like him joor.

He thinks very well, of the common man.
Any time Sani visits places, it feels in my heart, that it isn’t just about politics.
Of course, a reasonable part of it may boil down to politics, but… something in my heart, clicks with him, so I may find it difficult to believe someone telling me that it is because of all politics alone, that he relates with the common man.

In the past (before the heat of 2019 building up), I have seen posts of Shehu Sani, visiting communities, and… feeling very much at home with People in thatched Roofs etc.

I recall the first time I made friends with some Fulanis in a settlement in Abuja.

It was a desire to make home made Youghurt, that brought us together.

I wanted to make No- no by myself, so that I won’t let my mind wonder about the hygiene levels of anyone…

Anyway, the Family I often got raw Milk from, became my Friends.

“ina A’i? ” I’d ask her Mate.
Ina A’i means, ‘Where is Aisha? ”

Then I’d either be told she’s not far, or that she’s travelled for a Biki (ceremony) somewhere.

Ai, the younger Wife, was always traveling.
She didn’t have a Child in the Marriage, and made plans always to keep herself going, when it wasn’t her week, with their Hussy.

In the absence of Ai, the senior Wife would make something, and then get to flex her boldness in a funny way.

“I know you don’t eat our kind of food that is lowly and… ” she’d say.

She really meant to share but had foreboding, the first time.

On the third occasion, I decided to show her that Simplicity was wrapped around me and couldn’t be separated from me without perhaps killing me.

Straight from the fire, she dished a Meal.
I sat down in a place she never expected and joined them to eat.
Others who passed wondered.

Anyway, I became friends with many others in the Community over time, just because of the flow we had come to build and the perception they’d picked.

Each time I see photos on Facebook of Senator Shehu Sani stepping out of typical village settings, I thumb up in appreciation, even though he’s not aware.

I watch the strides of a short Man, sometimes.

The strides of this particular short Man have really turned out to be very long, in recent times.

He dished out “milliô milliô” to Victims of the fire accident in Railway Station Market (a popular market in Kd) very recently and offered to sponsor the Children of the Traders, for two years in School.

Okay sha.
This part na Politics (for the back of my admiring mind).

Bu …t meh-n!
Who cares?
Or I should say “what do I care if that part of the Movie na Politics? ”

Forget about all those huhn huhn huhn against him.

He’s reaching the common Man, with giant strides.
I like that in him.
That’s all.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil admires Politicians who have the welfare of the common Man, at heart.

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