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The Things I Look Out For : Technology

I am so -o interested in the word “Sufficient! ”

Technology just makes life come easy –especially when you are designing with a Software.

But despite its ease, I’m quick to tell anyone I guide to use Softwares

” _Don’t be deceived!_
*You are still very much the Designer here, not the Software.”*

And you just must be as *interested in monitoring some things*, the way you’d monitor them on Paper, if you were doing a Design, manually.

How often do you take time to go through the Reports of the Analysis, each time you Design, using a Software?

Buildings are still collapsing in times when we’d have thought that such should be a forgotten story.

And guess what?
The use of Softwares contributes a lot nowadays, to why Buildings are still collapsing in Nigeria!

Let’s make things come softer in the ear, and settle for the word *Failure*.

A part of the Structure, may fail.
It may not eventually lead to Collapse.

Everyone truly interested in doing a good Design, knows that *Slabs can deflect*, if they are not properly designed.

In short it _makes more sense if you’ve ever seen such in real life._

Almost a decade ago, I escorted a Consultant to access an abandoned job the family of the late Owner, desired to revive and complete.

Evidently, the Slab had deflected, looking like a Plate you’d use to serve *hot Arosó Rice and Dodo, escorted with two pieces of GRASS FED COW MEAT, if you love good things and want them to bring in some Nutrients too*.

All the stuff they write in Textbooks, on Deflection, suddenly condensed into real life before my eyes.
For real.

The Consultant showed me round the long abandoned Site and I felt truly sad.

_So much money, wasted!_
“Surely, there’s no need to “manage” to redeem this Structure, sir. ” I opined.

The issue of redeeming the situation, was a front burner, for the family.

I left that day, with a *very practical view, etched in my mind, of why the word “SUFFICIENT* is damned too important.

Having joined me in the Ride to an abandoned Site in my memory, let’s go straight back to …Technology!

There are various Softwares in the Market, that people use for Design.
But Orion Software is more commonly used in Nigeria, amongst many others.

Once you are done with your Structural Modelling and choosing the Slab Type to determine the Moment Coefficients that will be used in your pre-Analysis, cut your Analytical Strip across the Panels, choosing the right *End conditions* of the Panels you cut across, an… d hop over to look for the word ” *SUFFICIENT*”, in the SLAB ANALYSIS AND DESIGN REPORT.

Guess where my mind often strays to, first?
*The Deflection Check!*

It is only when it indicates the word *SUFFICIENT* that you *should proceed* to start the Beam Analysis.

You’ve gotta check and be sure that your Analysis and Design fulfilled the *Deflection Criteria* for Slabs, meh-n!

Don’t let the feeling, that it is Software that designed it, ever entice your confidence and lead you astray.
You are _actually,_ the Designer, from the choices you imputed in the Program.

An… d, please don’t let a Software designed Structure, you needed to check properly, fall on someone’s head.

© Petralyn E-Phil

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