Life, Little Things and Laughter

Reckless wishes and the brutality of reality.

Her colleague kept telling him she can not be sick because she was covered by the blood of Jesus or something to that effect. One day, he burst into her office without notice and saw her trying to pop some pills. In embarrassment, she tried to hide the “evidence”. He pretended not to have seen anything. But she knew the game was up.

During a conference somewhere in the south-south, he complained about a headache and she quickly reached for her bag and gave him some analgesics.

The issue of never being sick was laid to rest without any further discussions. Reality had thumped belief.


Many years ago while clearing an area for farming in a forest, an uncle who was a Rosicrucian chastised us for running away from a portion of the bush we suspected had a swarm of bees. He said as humans we had enough power to keep the bees away and do our work.

So, we left the bees infected portion for him to demonstrate his “human powers.”

Not long after, we saw him racing away as the bees went after him. We chuckled gleefully. But there was no further discussion about “mind over matter”. Reality thumped belief.

In 2011, a colleague would tell everyone just how much he could talk to God to stop anything adverse in his life. Just name it and he would say it is never going to happen to him. He carried on with so much air of pomposity that you would think that God chatted with him face to face in his living room or bathroom. In fact, he often used the words “God told Me” or “God said to me.”

One day, he didn’t show up for work. He said he had an emergency and stayed away for three days. When he came back, he looked crestfallen. He had been sick. He said he had pile and the pain was unbearable. In an unguarded moment, he added, “this thing wan kill me o” I sympathized and wished him well sooner than later without asking him what “God had told him” about the deadly development. Reality had thumped belief.

In 2009, a colleague had a heart attack and was rushed to a hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

The wife said it was not possible for the husband to die in such a manner. All attempts to convince her that it was over hit a wall. She took the husband home and began a long bout of prayers. Those who could, joined her, not necessarily in the belief that the dead man would wake up, though that was hoped, but to keep her company in a very difficult moment.

Eventually, reality prevailed and her husband was taken back to the hospital and deposited at the morgue.

We are all victims of the ravages of life. No one has any form of immunity irrespective of wish, faith or belief. To play the ostrich is to live in denial and more importantly, to misrepresent God. And that is the part that most people don’t think clearly about when they make claims that stand on nothing else but the contraption of their minds or mere wishes.

We all wish to be well, have enough to take care of our needs and wish certain things do not befall us. But life, they say is not a bed of roses. There are twists and turns, sometimes imposed on us by external forces over which we have no control whatsoever. Accepting things as they come and moving on with the resolve to mitigate future occurrences when it is within our control perfectly aligns with the reality of life.

Reality does not argue. It makes its point and allows you to make up your mind about whatever you want to believe or hold on to. So, it doesn’t matter if you are broke or sick and say you are rich or strong. What is, is!

If you are so sick that you need to go to the hospital but refuse to do so, you will complicate your ailment and die if it is life threatening. Anyone who tells you otherwise may not even be at your funeral to bid you goodbye. They can always excuse your demise with a “God has called you home” as if God is lonely and desperately needs your company.

But if you are the one telling yourself otherwise, well, ” you will of course be at your own funeral” and “waka” alone.

If you are broke, you are never going to wake up and find a bunch of brand new Naira notes under your pillow. Someone may help you out temporarily. But you need to get off your butt to find something to do to earn some money or your condition will deteriorate to the point of hopelessness. That is reality, that is life. Everything else is either a mere or reckless wish that awaits a brutal reality.

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Life, Little Things and Laughter

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