They got married about mid day. Two hours later, the event turned into a nightmare.

In the beginning something good.
They courted for a short while and got on so well that the prospective bridegroom felt it was time to take the big decision.
He quickly moved through introduction and payment of bride price.

Then came the big day.
The ceremony was huge. The couple were gaily dressed. They danced to the admiration of everyone. Drinks flowed like a stream. Food went round with ease. “What a ceremony”, everyone exclaimed

A bad and unexpected turn of events.
As the ceremony was being declared closed, the couple took off in their get away car to begin their honey moon. But is there something ominous about the cycle of the moon?

As the couple stepped down in front of their future home, the music was turned up and the dancing began all over again.
However, about five meters into the house, the bride stopped dancing and stopped moving. The crowd thought she was preparing for a dramatic dash into her matrimonial home. With much anticipation they waited, waited and waited. Nothing happened.

The bride’s face turned sombre and frightening as everyone gawked at them. The bridegroom attempted to lift the bride and carry her in. She tossed his hand off.
“Honey, let’s get inside”, said the groom.
“No”, came the emphatic response from the bride.
May be it was a prank thought everyone. The kind that leads to a thunderous applause when it is all over. But was this a prank?

“Honey, please let’s get in. We are keeping people waiting”, the groom said again.
“I will not go in”, the groom yelled back.
Stuck between disbelief and hope the groom and everyone waited.

Thirty minutes rolled by. Nothing changed. When the stand off hit one hour, it dawned on the groom and all that they had a grave situation on hand.
The groom put a call to the minister that officiated the wedding to relate what was going on.

The minister came, talked his voice out. Nothing changed. Family members and invitees clustered in small groups whispering to themselves while the minister and the groom jumped into a vehicle and went straight to the home of the father of the bride.

After a brief narration of the bizarre developing, the father simply said,
“This thing don start again?”
The groom, minister and others in their company looked at each other wondering what exactly the bride’s father meant by that statement.
Nevertheless, they had some idea. And it was something that gave them instant palpitation.

When the father opened up, the groom and everyone could not believe what they heard. They began leaving one by one.

Arrangement was quickly made by the family of the bride to bring her home. The groom went back home without his bride, heart broken and in a trance.

A week later, the bride was moved to a trado-medical institution in Ondo state. As family members guided her into the institution, the traditional “medical doctor” came out.
“This lady don dey scatter ground again? Na wa o. Ok, her former room still dey available. Make una take am there” said the doctor rather nonchalantly.

And so began the bride’s second round of treatment for insanity.
The groom was pained that no one told him of the bride’s history of mental health issues.

An ugly end
Two weeks after being admitted back into the institution the lady became violent one night. She was given a powerful sedative. The next morning she was declared dead.

A life patched.
It took three years before the groom was able to pick himself up from the debris of the nightmare to remarry. He is currently living with his new wife and five children in Sapele, Delta State where this life story took place. He is a Togolese and his wife is a Nigerian. The late one-day wife was also a Nigerian.

But something else came up that got everyone asking what the heck is going on. Watch out for the part two of this story that is still “loading” as you read this piece.
Life can sometimes imitate fiction.

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