Ambode:This Time Tomorrow- A song of Lamentation

Will it rain this time tomorrow or will it shine at Alausa. The clouds are heavy and dark. The westerly winds are howling from the Bar Beach, over the Marina up into the rusty capital of Sisi Eko Onibaje.

From all indications, Mr Govinor is not properly dressed for the elements that are about to hit his neighborhood. And the Jagaban of Borgu, the grand rainmaker cum conjurer of Eko Onibaje has remained stoically quiet until yesterday when the towering masquerade danced semi nude but with very little, if anything, left to imagination.

To hell with all puppet shows previously running on Broad Street and the outbacks of Isale Eko. The angry Dragon has finally hauled fire and brimstone from Mount Bourdillon.

What will it take Mr Govinor to know that the boat bound for Marina left before he got to Apapa due to the legendary gridlock of Oshodi-Apapa road?

What will it take for him to know that the only boat left has no onboard engine, only a paddle, a broken paddle?

This time tomorrow, we shall know whether Mr Govinor is a man that will go down in honour or in hubris.

But then, we must ask, where and how did Mr Govinor get things wrong. Should he not have known better that if you discard the ladder that took you to the roof, you might have to come down the way of the lizard and hope that you will be alive to give yourself a congratulatory nod? Should he not have known that the dog that won’t listen to the whisper of his owner will end up lost in the woods?

The bond between godfathers and their sons are as strong as a tread of cooked Naija indomie. But don’t dare to declare such nonsense in water logged streets of Umuahia or the beautiful highways of Uyo.

We only hope that the strong hold that the Jagaban of Borgu has on Lagos will not suddenly snap one day and send Sisi Eko tumbling into a nearby lagoon or God forbid, the ocean.

Ultimately, it is still the restless wakabouts on the marshy grounds of Onibaje City and not the Borgu that will determine who goes to Alausaland.

All the same, we wish Ombo the best of ‘gridluck’ in his fight with the resident elephant.

May he choose his battles carefully. These are not good times for barking deliriously. The train appears to have left. Who knows whether he can still get on board at the Station in his home town in Badagry. They always say, it is a miracle God we have. Abibeko?

Is there any sane prophet left in the governing council? Please speak or shall we go to a disgraced seer at the Eko-Benin border to seek what the dark corner of 2018 is hiding from us.


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