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Too much sex is ‘back’ for you!

Okay, I don’t really know if this is true or not. That too much sex causes you to develop a terrible back in the future. However, anecdotally speaking, I have a few patients with many children, who have terrible backs. Their lumbar spines show so much wear and tear, you wonder what they have been up to.

So, working from the answer to the question, I am assuming that their bad backs resulted from too much ‘’knocking up’’ women. But it also happened to women, though in women with so many kids, their bad backs are not as terrible as in the men I have treated.

1: One of my chaps has had 19 children from 4 wives.
2: One has 9 children from a single woman.
3: Another chap had 12 children from 2 wives.
4: A woman with 11 children also has a terrible back.

You can imagine how much sexual activity and energy it would have required to sir all those children. This is not a mean feat and it is bound to leave some wear and tear on the body!

Common Causes of Back Pain
The lower back is an extremely important part of the human body. It enables movements like turning, twisting and bending, standing, sitting and walking. Also, due to the strength or power of the back muscles, we can jump as well as lift things up.

It is said that 4 out of 5 adults will suffer from mild to severe to back pain in their lifetime. Thus, back pain is very common in people above the age of 50 years in Nigeria. It is also common in people who work hard in farms and people who sit for long hours such as bankers.

One may suffer from back pain for a number of reasons. Back pain can occur due to age, gender, daily activities, health issues, toxicity accumulated in the body, injury and more.

While many suffer from back pain, others have back strain. These two are very different. A muscle strain is likely to occur when the muscles of the back are overworked (stretched too far that leads to damage) or have poor conditioning. Also, a forceful ligament strain or injury can lead to back pain too.

Back Pain can be caused due to various reasons as mentioned above, but one of the major reasons that are often not talked about is back pain from too much intercourse. Yes, sex can be as problematic as it is fun and relaxing for some people. Sex can lead to muscle strain, muscle spasm and injury to the spinal ligaments. It can lead to a bulging disc in the back or accelerated degenerative disease.

Sexual activity can also lead to wearing out of the joints at multiple levels in the back. The symptoms associated with facet joint problems, bone spurs and/or degenerative spinal arthritis may be more pronounced when you arch your spine. This is because these conditions affect the back part of the spinal column; when you arch, you may be pinching or compressing the structures there, which can get uncomfortable.
Back trouble could also result because of the following:

• Muscle stretching
• Too much weight on top
• Unfavorable sexual position
• Overexertion

Spinal arthritis tends to be a wear and tear affair. That is, it develops over time and is all but inevitable as we age. But certain things may hasten its onset; for example, if you sustain a back injury, your risk for spinal arthritis may be increased.

Sacroilitis or hip pain
If you don’t know already, sacroiliac joint dysfunction is essentially a one-sided condition. In other words, either the right or the left sacroiliac joint is the primary site of the problem, and oftentimes the side with the most pronounced pain.

This is why Lauren Hebert, a physical therapist and author of the book Sex and Back Pain recommend bending the leg on the painful side during the act. Doing so, she says, will likely relieve the pain there, or at least reduce it. Hebert explains that a flexed hip eases that same-sided joint into a backwards direction, which is what it takes to calm irritation related to the dysfunction that may occur there.

Sexual Activity and back trouble
It is up to you to enjoy as much sex as you want. But, please note that it might cause some problems for you in the future. All this knocking will leave an impact whether you are a man or woman.
As usual too much of everything is bad for you.

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