Travel Sickness Can Be Cured.

Once in a while, you come across people with challenges that are not very common.

Motion sickness is one of them.

The first time I ever saw someone with Motion illness was some years ago, while going to Benin.

A Babe just suddenly threw up in the Car.

Truth be told, some of us were not comfortable with the arrangement.

Enter all of us, into GT Eatery in Lokoja.
Babe, who is aware of her challenge, and the fact that it was a public vehicle, still went to wack o.
The-n suddenly gbę gę happened only a while after we left Lokoja.
This time around, she didn’t have the sympathy of most of us in the car.

“So, why did she decide to take a meal, knowing that she’d get nauseated and then khä khä the whole thing out of the belly? ” many queried.

So, that’s how sympathy vamoosed o.

A couple of days ago, one of my in-laws landed for the burial of my Dad.
Some of us had arrived earlier.

She had mentioned how dead tired she was and I tried to guide her to use BodyWorks to reduce the tired feelings.
Another in-law got interested in the conversation and, so I just decided to tell them a few more benefits of the simple thing I’d shown them to do.

That thing used to happen to me ver-y well.
I even experienced it again as I journeyed yesterday.” She emphasised, trying to make it sound in our ears that travel sickness, which I’d mentioned is real.

“Me, I’ve witnessed it before sha, and it wasn’t funny.” I mentioned, recalling the Girl’s story.

I didn’t tell my in-law that I had also been curious about why the Girl chose to eat at Lokoja, when she only had a short distance left, since she was going to alight before we reached Benin.
Besides, the roads were still good then.

I didn’t want my in-law to feel bad.

Anyway, she’d discovered a deep internal sore in the part of the body, I’d guided her to check on.
So, I showed her simple ways to get over it in a short while, and also help herself get over travel sickness.
And so, she began her BodyWorks, promptly.

After the burial, we’d travelled to our locations at different times of the day.
When she got home she called to confirm that I’d gotten home safely.

Then I mentioned that she should continue BodyWorks till the mild pain that remained in the part of the body she’d earlier discovered a deep sore, got healed completely.

Then she interjected excitedly, that she’d travelled without travel sickness.
She’d even eaten at Lokoja, she said.

That simple, BodyWorks had helped her resolve travel sickness, apart from helping her resolve extreme tiredness that she had experienced on the first day after arrival for burial event.

Bodyworks at Creative Health, has helped people resolve teaming challenges that come their way.
For most of those challenges that tend to get you down, your body can work out a solution, when you’re guided on stuff you can do.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil

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