Treating Mania In The Terrain Of The Meridians

A few people have approached me in recent years, with stuff about whether I can help them treat Mania in a Family member who is challenged, but I often decline, worrying about violence from most people with manic challenges.

“I can help, but ai dey fear… ” I often turn off their approaching the issue.

Well, Mania is much easier to resolve in the Terrain of the Meridians, than with the use of Drugs.

But …wia I get the liver to stand around a manic person that may be violent?

I have Ben Johnson’s canvass, meh-n.
And I’m ever ready to keep them busy, if the need arises.

I once watched a young teenage Boy who started taking Weeds with bad Boys, transform into a mad Person.

It was pretty scary o.
I stayed with their family for a while and I recall I often used to try and dissuade him, when he came back on holidays.

Well, I could see someone I used to relate with, taking a knife or broken bottle, to want to attack any of us.
He could only listen to his Brother, and so, in those his violent times that made me pretty scared, his Brother was helpful in wrestling his manic violence.

Anyway, he had Psychiatric Management, but for the rest of my stay, at times he was around, I got pretty careful.

And I was always out along with others, to keep knives and bottles far away from his access
I recall this young boy I used to joke with and encourage, telling me one fine morning, that I was a Man, pretending to be a Woman.


Who could possibly mistake a figure with really endowed Hips and plenty “attack” to borrow slangs we used as Teenagers, for a Man?

“Huh? ” I carefully asked him that morning, as I tip-toed past him, but thought to myself that this must be the height of ….

He wasn’t joking o.
And he didn’t at all look violent that morning.
Well, with all my …., I still went back to the Mirror to look at myself very well and assure myself, stamping a foot har-d on the ground, that surely, the ogbéni Boy had really gone mad.

He was mixing a lot of sane things together that morning, with this kain one he served me.

So, it could confuse anyone like me, who often used to listen to a Boy who claimed he had discerning Powers, at an earlier period before he went….

I don’t really know what Psychiatrists know, but I know from what I’ve seen in a lifetime, that there are different types of Madness.

One Oga told us long ago, that his Bae had issues.

She was so beautiful sha.
I couldn’t pick why a fine Quantity Surveyor Woman would have issues, way back then.
I never saw her picking Papers on the Floor or running her Hair wild.

I have seen a few other cases at a fairly close range.
Long ago, the Nurse who sublet a part of her House to my eldest Sister, was discovered later to be someone with issues big Sis didn’t know about, while picking a place there.

Sperry Top-Sider Customer Satisfaction Survey

Anyway, she got pretty careful on days things went whuoooô.

The things I noted about these different People, are not the same.

Well, there’s healing for Madness, in the Terrain of the Meridians.
No matter what type it is.

The Dorsalis Pedis Artery on the dorsum of everyone’s Foot, is a very close Neighbour, to Solution, for People with a type of Manic Depressive Disorder that go as far as stripping their Clothes and running around wild.

Mania may not really be about Someone sending something, to attack a Person as People believe in Naija and as most Naija Films portray.

Rather, most of these things have a lot more to do with Neurotransmitters in the Body.

Neurotransmitters can be coarsed and re – balanced, even for people with Manic Disorders.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil shares a Body Tour Guide to help Someone out there, hunt for a solution.

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