We were not told.

We spent several years in school
From kindergarten to Higher institution
Just to wear this uniform.
But we were not told…
That the uniform does not guarantee quick employment.

Three weeks in orientation camp
With paramilitary drilling, all because of this uniform,
Still we were not told that the drilling is not a yard stick for quick employment.

Early morning bath in the cold.
Rushing to the parade ground.
You dare not miss the first line of the anthem
You will have to give proper explanation to the soldiers,
Awaiting you with their heartless punishment

Yet we were not told…
That the government has destroyed the Nation decades ago
Climbing trees,
Jumping poles,
Crawling under dangerous wires,
Running and matching in the sun
All because the state governor is coming to visit the camping ground
And there’s need to impress the nation

All correct sir.

Yet we were not told…
That it’s just a waste of time
Sharing toilet with more than 40 corps members
Risking our lives to please the nation

Yet we were not told…
That our names are not on their list to benefit from the national Treasury.
From camp to place of primary assignment,
Working from Monday to Friday with no coins in our pockets.

Yet we were not told…
That the sacrifices are not recorded in their book.

Finally, we passed out and face the employment market
But we were not told that age is a barrier
Four years working experience would be needed

We were not told that education is what we need not schooling
We were not told that schooling will only produce a graduate with certificate but education will make a product with something to produce.

Our teachers lied to us that a good CGPA is all what the society needs.
They lied to us right from kindergarten.
That we must study hard to have a good result but not to have good education.

We were not told…
That the man who invented college didn’t go to college.
Oh, we were wrongly informed through our education curriculum.

Many lies told…
Many brains washed.
Lots of wrongs in our curriculum
Forget schooling and get education

Enough of learning computer on the board
Enough of learning physics on the board
Enough of learning mechanical/electrical engineering on the board
Enough of learning agriculture on the board
Enough of schooling.

Bring education back to our schools.

A friend once told me never to criticize a thing, until I have a better solution.
Well this is the plan; let’s focus on the Five Cs of Real Education, let’s focus on the 5 qualities of a well-developed person.

  1. Collaboration: This is the act of recognizing and acknowledging the importance of interdependence within a community, it is inclusion, it is giving everyone a voice, it is encouraging everyone to share their ideas knowing they will be heard.
  2. Communication: this is the art sharing information, ideas and knowledge. It is a human right to be trained on the skills of effective communication.
  3. Critical thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: We have seen, in the last decade how innovations in ICT, have transformed the way we interact with each other. Critical thinking has allowed us to proffer solutions to various challenges in various areas of our lives. We should encourage innovation not build systems that produce robots programmed to singular thought patterns.
  4. Creativity and Innovation: “Creativity is defined as the process of having original ideas that have value”. Man is creative by nature, he wants to find his own way and that is the basis for innovation. If there will be a future for the human race then we must find new and effective ways to tackle old problems.
  5. Compassion: Finally, compassion, recognizing everyone’s humanity and imperfection, respecting others and giving them room to grow.
    If we will be any better, if we truly have a future worth living, we must stop, reconsider and take a new course of action. Otherwise, we shall only be digging ourselves into a deeper hole.
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