What about the good sides of the Man? Haba!

The News filtered through, in the early hours of the day and it left me feeling further bemused.

His, was the second death I knew of, that had happened yesterday.

The other…?
The shock still remains, an–d what makes it scary, is…
His Office, was just beside mine.

Grea-t man who silently achieved some kind of fame, though he was not rich.
A wonderful man, who helped me intervene, at a strategic time.
A small Leader, who had evidently been brought down, by an illness that had lingered so long and had de-robed his vitality for more than two years, even as a Sports Man.

Of course he had his failings, as every mortal does, but I’m glad I’d decided on time, not to dwell on them, even before he ever became useful to me in something of a situation that could have popped up Crisis, in my business life.

I was saddened yesterday, but struggled to pull through.
The-n i read the Breaking News early, this morning, of another person who couldn’t make it through yesterday , in the Hospital.

It is no more news that President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari, has passed on, after struggles with the deadly corona virus.

Diverse reactions fill the Air, in the import of such News.
But it becomes appalling when some are okay with a bad news of this nature, considering that the virus is gradually spreading in Nigeria and people don’t know what the days ahead, hold for them.

Last month, I read that the Chief of Staff, said he would want to take responsibility for his care and would not want to burden the Country, financially, etc.

What I thought as I’d read…?

“That’s great meh-n!
I wish generally, that more people in power, can think like this!”

Look, no matter what, there must have been aspects of the Oga, that were goo-d.

My thoughts…?
Let’s repair our moods and focus on working out individually and collectively, how we all need to unravel the might of this mystery pathogen called Corona Virus.

Remember :
Every day you live, is…
A gift from God.

God gives and God takes.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil writes from a Lockdown Couch

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