What men don’t get!

This is about men
For men
And you would be wise
To listen
Reading, decoding
Between the lines

For I know
That we have the short straw
Even though
We think we don’t
But, do we know
For sure?

You see
I first saw her at the party
I thought she was an epitome
A beauty to behold
To put on a pedestal

She first saw me at the party
She thought I would do
Might make
A prosperous husband
To try for keeps
So, she batted
Just an eyelid
And a coy smile

I thought
I was pulling the strings
Reeling the bait
I learnt later
I had been pulled
Reigned in
Sealed and delivered

Different ideas
Different plans
Set to collide
And align as one
But, who is pulling who

It was not long
That she had the keys
To my heart
And pocket
She also had the keys
To my cell

I had to please her
In and out of bed
Do as ordered
Till she comes
No half measures
Not by half

In return
I get a cook
And a housekeeper
A jailor
One to obey
Me to obey

A child to boot
Another key
To my heart
And pocket

For these
Strings of attachment
A bigger cell
And another lock
All designed
Such that I’d find it
In jail
The place to be

For men have it rough
Sugar coated for sure
But, what do we get
Really get
For a rumple in the hay

A chance to please
Just one person
Who pulls the strings
Encircling your life
Someone to please
Without fail

If a man married
A woman of means
He is called a shark
For her money hers
Your money hers

If a woman married
A man of means
She is a gold-digger
She can keep his money
And child
And the keys
To the cell

Till death do us part
But, men part early
After slaving
On the woman
In and out of bed
No half measures

A woman
Has two dresses
A white:
And a black
Just for you

The white
Full of smiles
For getting the shmuck
The black
Full of tears
For the shmuck Who left
Too early
For sure

Till death did we part

Okay, worry not
I already got it,
From my wife
To write
And think
Just like this!

I get it!
Do you?

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