What’s your story? Do you want to hear mine?

Abuja: Wuse Market.
I saw an object from a distance. It was about a meter. A piece of wood? Discarded paper bag? No. The object was moving at a steady pace and it had a bowl in front that was also moving in sync.

I quickened my pace to catch up. Behold, it was a human being. A full grown man with all his body parts shrunk into barely a meter. He could not walk or crawl with either his legs or hands.

He moved or more appropriately rolled with his whole body to go forward. A snake slides. A worm wiggles. A human being, an adult, rolls?

I have never seen anything like it. Not one creature, live or on National Geographic Channel that moves like that.

While taking some shots of the individual, several thoughts nagged at me. A particular one that nibbled on and on was “how does that guy ease himself?”
But that is just a question about one basic issue. What about all the big issues of life. The things that those of us with complete body parts, walking erect worry about. Education, making a living, getting married, having children, living the good life and many more.
How does that guy deal with those things? Does he have any aspirations or dreams? Does he ever look forward to a better life?

He is the only one that can provide answers to those questions. I would have loved to talk to him but certainly not under the circumstances I met him in.

He was the cynosure of all eyes. Passers-by were tossing money into the bowl he moved along with. And the unforgiving Abuja February heat was on the throne, presiding. Just taking shots of him was decomposing to me let alone asking him for an interview.

The Clincher
As the fellow rolled on, an acquaintance called his name and shouted a greeting.
“How you dey”, the greeter asked
“I dey, thank God”, our rolling guy said.

But what is he thankful for? I am sure he would have an answer.
So, what’s your story? Do you want to hear mine?

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