Where are Doctors wearing trash bags for protection and a government stealing medical supplies?

In an earlier article titled “Covid-19 has exposed our ass for all to see”, Newspack prolific contributor, Dr Biodun Ogungbo firebombed Nigeria’s health care system in the midst of a commendation from the World Health Organization on how Nigeria is handling the covid-19 situation.

All Asses are in the sun.
But come to think of it, while Africa has its short comings, and they are innumerable, the entire world has been stripped naked by the pandemic.

Here is a one question quiz for you. Where in the world are doctors using paper bags and trash bags as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) against Corona Virus infection in hospital intensive care units? Is it in Nigeria? Zimbabwe? Or somewhere else in Africa? Wrong!

Blimey, see who is using trash bags for protection.
According to an April 5th investigative report by the BBC, some doctors in the United Kingdom (yes, Great Britain) are using paper bags and trash bags, the kind we all use to carry stuff from the supermarkets or throw away our kitchen waste as personal protection equipment in British hospitals.

Social media feed.

According to the doctors, who spoke on condition of anonymity because hospital managements have warned them not to speak to the press, they resorted to use paper bags and bin bags because their hospitals do not have the right equipments and the British Government has not provided enough to go round all hospitals dealing with infected people.

A doctor said,
“Intensive care is already full of coronavirus (Covid-19) patients. All operations deemed non-urgent, even the cancer clinics, have been cancelled. There is a lack of staff, a lack of critical care beds, a shortage of basic antibiotics and ventilators”.

So out of fear of being infected and commitment to their life saving work they decided to improvise. An improvization that offers little, if any protection.

Social media feed.

They are also faking labels.
The report also says that hospital managements are re-labelling some healthcare products without bothering to remove the old “best before labels”. They simply stamp new labels over the old and visible ones. The situation is so bad that departments within hospitals, fearful of what’s coming next, have begun to hoard personal protection equipment for themselves.

As unprotected doctors are dying of the disease, some places in the UK are digging graves in advance due to the expectation that they may be overwhelmed by the number of dead people.

Said one grave digger “I have never seen anything like this. Unfortunately, the lot falls on me to do the unthinkable”.

In New York, an emergency nurse described the situation as
post-apocalyptic — like in one of those movies I used to watch.”

In many hospitals not only in New York but also around the US, critically ill patient in the throes of death are being left to die against their wish and those of their family due to lack of protective wears.

Social media feed

According to a Washington Post article,
“Those decisions are a reflection of a grim reality in which thousands of health-care workers have fallen ill, ventilators are so scarce that some hospitals have put two patients on one machine, and protective equipment like masks and gowns are in such short supply that some workers are sewing their own”.

International heist
Here is a last take: Where in the world is government stealing medical supplies?
Believe it or not, the US government is reportedly stealing medical supplies. According to the LA Times, The White House and FEMA are swooping in to grab masks, thermometers, and other items in a secretive process with apparently little recourse.

President Trump.

According to the newspaper,
“In Florida, a large medical system saw an order for thermometers taken away. And officials at a system in Massachusetts were unable to determine where its order of masks went.”

The Guardian UK also reports that the US Government has extended the theft to orders ready to ship from abroad. In one story the newspaper said,

“US buyers waving wads of cash managed to wrest control of a consignment of masks as it was about to be dispatched from China to one of the worst-hit coronavirus areas of France, according to two French officials. The masks were on a plane at Shanghai airport that was ready to take off when the US buyers turned up and offered three times what their French counterparts were paying.

Reports have it they Canadian, German and French authorities are furious over the illegal actions of the US Government. But there is very little they can do about it at the moment.

An ancient prophet said:
It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step. Another said: Do not put your trust in princes. Nor in a son of man.

What happened the much hyped technological wonders of the Western World. They failed. They failed miserable.

At the end of this pandemic, the world must sit down and have a serious discussion about a new world order. But will that ever happen? I doubt!

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