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Where on Earth Is 9ice?

When 9nice brought out his song, “Gongo aso”, I fell har-d for the beats.

I think one of the things that quickly attract me to music include the instrumental mix.

Gongo äsô was a hit song and it was always a welcome feature in an attempt to de-stress, on our way back home, as often as I joined my Colleague at work, in a ride.

Rotimi believed too much in preparing to pounce a surprise, surprise

” I don hammar!”
on people he “planned” for.
So, 9ice’s Music “Gongo äsô”, along with others in the collection, was something he loved to bask in, to help him beef up the mood to activate his dream to, “hammar!” amid using it to de-stress.

Soon, I got infected by the Music, and got my own collection, sharp sharp.

Enter 2014 Elections and the next thing I heard of 9nice.

He dreamt of becoming a House of Representatives Member, on the platform of the All progressives Congress , and so, he joined Politics.

Well, despite that he rode on a white Horse over a long distance, to go and submit his Form, people like us who danced to the beats of his music, didn’t bathe an eyelid at the sight of the horse riding.

Nä Horse pipo wan sh–ôp?

He lost out big, in the election (Primaries), anyway.
I guess people are good at keeping away from sentiments and so, his efforts at such a position, when he hadn’t even been known in the world of politics in Naija, flopped.

True, that he’s done some fine musicals and even won different Music Awards.

But he-y!
It’s not yet time to rest on your oars, 9ice!

Abolore A. A. Akande (9ice) will be marking his birthday in a couple of days from today and he-y, we want to hear from you again!

Get back on board, because people want to hear your Baritone voice again.
Guess where?
Where we feel you real-ly reign (on the Instruments and as a Songwriter and Singer!).

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil, glad here that 9ice was amongst ’em Guys who started making us get more drawn to Naija Music.

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