Where Wahala Gets Its Start

A friend told me about a throbbing “peppery” pain in the right axillary nerve.

Well, we’d become used to living a life of acting, as swiftly as we sensed something that the body was trying to tell us, especially in these days of the parasite in town, who springs up health challenges, at a baffling speed.

The whole body is filled with Sensors.
And there’s no hiding place for the parasite in town, if the sensors have enough sensitization and are working well.

The job of a Sensor is to detect and respond.
And if a Sensor in the body was doing a good job, then, …bisimilla, to have an opportunity to enjoy the real deal Early Detection.

So this Sensory Nerve in her Axilla began to blow whistle on something.
Who knows whether it was the wastes from the degeneration of Proteins, from the parasite in town?

Surely, one of the marks of its havoc, is …a peppery feeling.
To dress the feeling up in a medical Jean and Top, one of the indications of the tafiä from the parasite in town, is… an inflamed feeling.
Heat, Fire, Swelling etc.
In short, Inflammation.

That was one of the nerves that wise Women who monitor the activities in the Terrain of the Meridians, needed to listen to, anytime it blew the Whistle of Discomfort.

“Check the Pressure Point, two fingers above the web of your “smallie ” toe, on the dorsum of the foot and give me a feedback.
Also check on the Pressure Point immediately beside the external Ankle Bone, and give me a feedback.
They both have the power to calm the throbbing pain on the Axilla.

If any of them is painful, let me know the type of Pain.
If any has a budding lump , even if it is as tiny as Jiero (Millet) Seed, give me a feedback.
If there’s discoloration on the point, two fingers above the web of the fourth and fifth toes, let me know.
If there’s any other oddity, let me know.” we chatted.

The parasite in town is mean.

It has the habit of creating lumps of different sizes, in very major pathways leading to very important parts of the body.

We formed the habit of continually upgrading our efforts to find ways to beat the intentions of the parasite to it.
We know the Terrain.
If something planned to high jack the free flow of Electrical Impulses to a tissue or any organ, through a pathway, we knew some ways to listen in to the Sensors, any day that Signal Strength was good.
On a day it wasn’t, …huh.
There’d be no report.
So, there’d be no Whistle Blower, acting on time, to alert us.

St. Hubert Customer Satisfaction Survey

Apart from “listening in”, we occasionally finger-walked the Meridians in the body.
If we found oddities in any of the Circuits, we knew that something (a health challenge) was trying to brew or was happening live and direct, already.

The Meridians are where wahala gets its start.

If anyone developed the skill of looking after their body’s pressure points, there wouldn’t be need for many wahalas.

The body uses its own wisdom to sensitize the pathways in different ways.
And sleep time benefits, if one can find sleep.
My friend hadn’t been sleeping early.
In short, in recent times, she went back to not sleeping on time.

Haba, the result was going to tell on the metabolic activities related to the Pressure Points, along the meridian, that tuck into the High Phase of the Circadian hours of twelve and after.
She needed to try to go back to sleeping before twelve, if she wanted the body to do its own work by itself.

We chatted about the tiny lump that I had found, below the fourth finger (of four fingers, measured) below my Elbow crease, on the Palmer side.
Alä kobà Air and its signature presence.

There was no way something wouldn’t have started developing in the pathways, with all the terrible exposure I had in recent times.
God help me, but I don’t like Alä kobà things.

Air is …air.
But Alä kobà Air is air filled with many things (including free radicals) related to the parasite in town, and how they destabilize our health with sudden things.

Today, you’d hear of someone’s sudden blindness.
Tomorrow, you’d hear of sudden fever, sudden stroke, sudden death, “Aggressive this or that” sicknesses.
Aah aah!

And Alä kobà Air is currently everywhere, although in varying Chemistries and Densities.
The density of Alä kobà Air is something else.
It takes over.
Oxygen can’t beat it, though it dwells with oxygen.

I didn’t waste time in working to dissolve the jeiro – sized lump.
I understood the routes that that Pressure Point I found the lump in, led to, and I didn’t want to wait for wahala.
She too, needed to take care of the crying nerve in her Axilla, if she loved her Breast Health.

What we all need, is a rich understanding of the many pathways where wahala gets its start.
Once we do, we can cut back on different health wahalas.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil draws attention to the need to take care of Pressure Points, to avoid many health challenges.

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