You Are In The Ring, if You Don’t Know

How do you fight? Do you deliver Mike Tyson quality deadly blows? Or do you just “collect”?

My neighbour is just …”collecting”.
I’ve told him in the past that the fevers he brews, which just seem to be recurrent, are NOT MALARIA!

It is clear that he doesn’t understand that most fevers are a manifestation of underlying infections in the body.

On a day he’s not down with a Fever (oh! quite a few, nowadays), he reeks with a bad shade of Ammonia and Co.

I’ve tried to take his thoughts to smarter ways to deal with the fevers he and his girlfriend come down with, often.
But he shuns simple looking solutions.
He’s evidently not the only Nigerian shunning simple but “it works greatly! ” solutions to the things the parasite in town, pops up.

Looks like Simplicity scares people’s beliefs.
He is in the ring, “collecting “.
His method of dealing with this type of fever, isn’t delivering, on the expectations.
Drugs are designed.

This is something a whole lot of people don’t realize.
Another reality is, there are different causes for a disease that pops up.
East and West, …there’s “agreement ” on this fact.
And East aptly claims:

One disease, many causes ” Ancient Chinese Physicians.

Tell you what is happening to the fella?

He receives some Mike Tyson grade blows from the parasite in town and goes down.
Just when the experience tries to wear out and it looks like he’s that fellow who swaggers and just begins to get up from the floor in the Ring with Mike Tyson, in a Wrestling bout, he picks up another shot.

Another deadly blow, … and he goes down again.

I feel sad about the levels of Ammonia he exposes us to, as the parasite in town degrades valuable Proteins in his body, and emits deadly wastes from his fevers, but …I know for sure, in the Ring.
You are, too.
We are currently exposed to Alä kobà Air everywhere.

No thanks to the parasite in town, degrading proteins in the bodies of millions of Nigerians who don’t know that they are in a fighting ring, either directly with the parasite in town, or indirectly with the odour molecules in the wastes it releases, as it degrades the body when people’s health are attacked by it.

Ammonia compounds from the air they breathe, got into my Lumbar region today and began to cause havoc.
Same thing happened two days back, in the office directly above me as an elderly man stewed in the wastes of this kind of fever.
I had tried to help earlier, when the fever smells just started, and when we got talking about something and he mentioned that he was brewing a Fever.

I guess he took simplicity for granted and didn’t treat the points I showed him.

We’d have both had a win – win situation, yesterday.
Meaning, he’d have pulled out pretty early from the brewing fever and I, would have been spared the horrible exposure to deadly odour molecules in the Air, acting as Free Radicals that began to get at my Lumbar region.

I wished a Client and friend of mine, who always wants to learn something from the Odour Molecules in the Air, causing various illness today, that I often talk about in one of our Groups, was around.

She wants to learn, but air isn’t something I can trap that easily, and keep, while waiting for her to come by.

Well, between two days back and today, I learnt a lot from the elderly Man in the office and my Neighbour.
My Client is quite given to asking questions.
On a number of times in the past, she’s asked to know just how kidney infection or kidney damages seem to be soaring wildly in the country today.
In the past, I’d just mention that the parasite in town contributed majorly to the trend.
But I had a first hand experience of some level of damage in the two experiences I’ve shared, to fully prepare myself for anymore questions, if she brought them up.
The Lumbar region is one of the places that houses the Pathways that lead to the Kidneys.

In short, ancient Chinese Physicians called the lumbar region,
The Palace Of The Kidneys

Yesterday was not funny at a time, in the hours of exposure (to wastes in the air from the sick man), in the Office.

In the late afternoon after my breadth became saturated with the smell of a compound of ammonia, from the fever smells the elderly man emitted, I got a clean cut attack on one of the major pathways from the ankle, that leads to the Kidneys.
I had to work hard on healing the pathway, for some minutes.

Signals from Pressure Points, are about the fastest forms of  early detection, that anyone who knows how to watch happenings in the Terrain of the Meridians, can gain from.

That was a clear-cut sign of a threat to my kidneys, yesterday.
And the moment Signals detected and popped the message up, I started work to snuff out further damage.

Incidentally, Medical Scientists tell us useful stuff about how high Ammonia levels, damage the Kidneys, and harm the Muscles and Joints, etc.

But it seems most Nigerians are not connecting the dots, to understand that today’s fevers that come with terrible smells, along with other things that the parasite in town brings, are related to the high levels of damages to kidneys, being recorded today.

Well, Odour Molecules from the Neighborhood pulled me out of sleep, way too early, this morning.
And in a while, I began to note very terrible discomfort in my Lumbar region, from the dense smell in the air I was exposed to.

Is it up to a week or ten days that this fella ran another bad bout of this Ammonia – smell Fever ? ” I wondered, feeling bad about how one will continue for ever and ever, suffering because of an Alai gbö run person.
Oti o!

Kia, kia, I got up and began to shine the Leather in my mind’s Mike Tyson Gloves, with the Kiwi of designing protection for my Kidneys, in the midst of exposure that I can’t really control.
Surely, I had made a discovery that I needed to work on.
The level of damage from the parasite, is getting way too much!
Now, …kidneys?

Indeed, Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, was wrong some time ago, when he and some members of the Senate Chambers blamed the soaring rise of Kidney Damage in Nigeria, on what they called fake Drugs.

Na lie.
This hike was a product of …pretty fast degradation from the parasite in town.
Everything about it is… Sharp, sharp!

They may continue to address it as… Acute, but… the import of it coming and doing Sharp, sharp havoc, sits better with me, to prompt me to also keep my Ben Johnson’s canvass, close by if necessary (I. e. a good FLIGHT RESPONSE).

This is something I’ve discovered, in a better way by experience, not only stuff clients have mentioned about themselves or others.

Surely, the worst thing that has hit us in a short while, apart from Recession, is… The Parasite in Town

Worse because it transmits infection, through the Air, not water, etc.

I’m prepared.

I’ve got me a clear-cut understanding that we are trapped in a Ring of Alä kobà Air, and the people who should be doing something about helping all of us, are keeping a keen focus on something, somewhere else.

I’ve built me a good looking Fight Response, courtesy of the Acupressure points I’ve treated this morning.

I’m going to deliver Mike Tyson grade blows to the plans of the parasite in town, today and I’m going to feed my signalling systems the kind of food they like, so that they can blow the whistle on parasites, the moment they try to attack a route in the Terrain Of The Meridians.

Culled from The Diary of Petra’s Discoveries on the Parasite in Town.

Petralyn Ehiz-Phil loves to follow Signals as they travel and deliver reports on happenings in the Terrain of the Meridians in the human Body.

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