You Can Get “First Aid” In Your Body

I’ve read a couple of times, pretty “painful -to -hear” instances of people who gave up the ghosts because they couldn’t access help, over a problem or the other, on time.

Some had death experiences, when they were on their ways to get help at the hospital.
Some were big people.
Some were poor.

Bottom line , let’s just note that all mortals tend to be exposed to challenges.

I think that the human body is one of the biggest First Aids that anyone can get to benefit from.
So, let’s quickly pick on something not too common but might prompt someone to be in a fast need for it to be resolved.

Let’s talk very briefly about Rabies and then talk about where in the body, one can get a First Aid.

Dad gave us rich understanding of different things, when we were growing up.
At a time in my brother’s very early teens, he got beaten by a dog.

As soon as he got home and Dad got wind of it, Dad wanted to know immediately if the Dog was vaccinated, and when last it was!
It wasn’t funny o.
Bu-t that’s the first time I heard of Rabies.

At another time, in my Teen too, someone’s rather wild dog scampered after me at the door.
Just a narrow shave, but it did “scratch me” with the fangs.
Dad was furious.

He demanded to know if the family had the art of taking their Dog for vaccination, as often as at when due.
They said they did.
Dad wasn’t satisfied with just that.
He demanded to see documents of the last day that the dog was vaccinated.
Well, the dog was “arrested” initially, temporarily.

Then on medical instructions, the dog was quarantined for days.

No real Dad jokes with his children’s lives anyway.
Well, that was the second time i heard about Rabies in my life.

The stories above, happened.
It might happen to someone.

And the person might be unfortunate.
He might get to the hospital and be told that the Anti-Rabies Drugs available, have expired.
We were told.
See what I mean?

I was lucky that the so called dog that “scratched me ” (look, Dad didn’t want to hear me using that word at all!), was still alive, after the quarantine season.
It didn’t have infection.
It was just wild.

Let’s go back to a setting where someone isn’t lucky enough.

Well, there’s a pressure point in the body that could be of quick aid to neutralize poison in such a case.
It can battle Rabies.

Look, your leg is pretty important you know.
At least, that’s where we can grab this aid, quickly.

Here’s a simple guide :
Locate the protrusion of the outer ankle bone.
Put a finger there as a beacon, to measure.

Measure 4 fingers (one palm) above the “beacon”.
Then free up the “beacon” finger.

Then measure another set of 4 fingers above that, with the hand you first used.
That makes two full palms above the outer ankle bone.
Then, measure a thumb above the last position you measured.

All these measurements are to be taken by the side of the leg, on the side of the shin bone.

After the thumb measurement, locate a depression on the leg, just above the thumb.

Here you arrive!
Treasure hunt for a First Aid, found.!

When you locate the place, place the pad of your finger there and pressure, in a circular motion
Spend some 3 to 5 minutes of work, at it.

The body makes grea-t neutralisers, in the face of different poisons.
You’ve just found one!
And uh-m, …it’s a fact, that we are WONDERFULLY MADE!

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