You Mea-n Justice Danlami Senchi Actually Told Oshio “Go and Die? “

After the initial wonder of what the Court’s pronouncement portended, I took time out to listen clearly to what the suspension of the APC National Chairman, Mr Adams Oshiomole, really meant, from a legal point of view and got the message clearly.

Channels TV had invited a learnéd man in the person of justice Paul Ananaba to the Studio, to give Nigerians a clear understanding.

“i want you to understand that it is an Interlocutory Order, not an Interim Order.
So, it will last unti–l when the hearing of that Case, comes to an end.

An–d if the Court reverses it…
If the Court does not reverse it, it becomes a perpetual Injunction. ” he opened, with an expression on his face, and of course, some gesticulations, which nailed the message further than his words.

As a matter of fact, the Barrister took time to explain, giving robust examples of stuff we shouldn’t compare an Appeal, to.

“It’s not like you have, in the Electoral Tribunal, where you appeal a Judgement expected to get some hearing, within twenty one days.

…it doesn’t work that way.
I want Nigerians to understand how it works.
When that Order was made, that Order became operational immediately…. “
He further explained that if a Stay will be considered, it will be the discretion of the Court, to do so.

After he explained the Court Order, he opened up a new Can on stuff that most people had wondered at, in the past.

On what grounds really, should a man who is suspended right at his own Party Ward, continue to parade himself as a National Chairman, given that there’s a Party Constitution, which clearly outlines certain things about Membership, Rights of Members, Powers, etc. ?

Really, it didn’t make sense all these while, that Oshiomole was still hanging in there, after his suspension.
And of course, certain decisions that he’d taken in the capacity of the Party Chairman (after his suspension). also were decisions with less than one leg standing on the ground.

Somehow Justice Senchi’s judgement, was a type of
“Go and die!” pronounced, upon a
“Go and die!” loving Oga.

I mea-n,
“Go and die -for a while,
pending the determination of a substantive suit that was brought against you by Mustapha Salihu and co. “

Of course, in that while, “p-lenti wota go don pass garri -perhaps, in Oshiomole’s Edo state, where he’s being accused of wanting to become a godfather, a setting that can never go down well with many Edo people.”

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